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theo's starting to take an interest in moving!!!

hey lovely biddies and boddlers,

i know this is not big news as most of your babies are running around, but it is a huge thing in the martinez household! in the last few weeks theo seems to be enjoying moving a lot more :lol: soooo happy!

i've always known he could roll, as i would find him on his front in all kinds of positions in his cot, but i'd only actually seen him do it twice - then the other day i was getting him ready for bed and he rolled onto his tummy, so i made a big thing out of it, clapping and cheering him, so he rolled back onto his back, then front, back .... round and round his nursery! it was so funny, we were all in fits of giggles! since then he's been rolling lots, which makes nappy changes a lot more difficult, but is great fun! :\)

he is now also taking steps when you hold him up, nowhere near taking them on his own, or even cruising around the furniture, but it is huge for him as he's never been interested in putting one foot in front of the other, only in sticking his bum out to plonk himself back on it as quickly as possible! but now if you hold him under his arms he will walk around the room, and even up the stairs! i'm so delighted! trying to build it up to holding his hands instead of under his arms, he will sometimes do that, but not always, don't think he feels as secure.

the other advancement is now when he's in his trike he pushes down on the foot rest and bounces himself up and down like he's riding a horse! again nothing that impressive, but it is major for theo as he's never voluntarily put weight on his legs like that before only when i've forced him to by proping him against the sofa!) so i'm delighted image

so i really do feel like we are getting there now!

the other big news from our family is i have got a new job, and actually started about a month ago, but only just found time to write about it (while hubby is watching match of the day :roll:!)

i'm a deputy events assistant, which means i oversee functions going on in our venue, the palm house (which is actually were we got married and a place i absolutely love, so feel v lucky to be working there!) it's great cos it's mainly evenings and weekends, so fits in really well with theo as my mum or hubby can always look after him, and i really enjoy it as well. i do find it tiring as i'm busy with theo all day (we do so much fun stuff together, but am thinking i may have to drop one or two things now i'm working???), then go to work normally about 6, then work through til about 2, so by the time i'm home and in bed it can be nearly 3, then obviously up early for another day of fun with theo, but it's only 16 hours a week, so normally only 2 or 3 days or eves (rota changes every week), and i would rather have all my time with theo, and this way he is asleep most of the time i'm at work, so it is pretty perfect, and i figure being a working mum is tiring whether you work days or evenings anyway!!!

i am taking theo to derry tues - fri on my own, to see a very close friend who has not met theo yet, so i'm very excited about that, although a bit nervous about flying with theo on my own as last time was with al and my mum, dad and sis so plenty of people to keep him entertained! but it's a very short flight and he's a good little boy so i'm sure it will be fine and we'll have a great time.

hope you are all well too,
take care,
love k & t xxx

p.s. hope you don't mind if i use this opportunity to show off a more recent pic, as i hadn't downloaded them when i replied to bf's post

here's theo on easter sunday xxx


  • So pleased that he's starting to move. Not that you should have been worried quite yet but sometimes you can't help it. Sounds like little Theo was being a typical lazy boy. image Why move when mummy will get it for you?! I bet he comes on really quickly now - good luck with that, you'll never know where your keys are ever again!

    His picture is gorgeous - what a lovely smile. I can't get Abby to stay still long enough. MOst pictures of her are her running away or playing with something she shouldn't.

    Your job sounds perfect for you. You are going to be shattered but what a wonderful way of being with Theo so much and still earning money. Good luck.

    H xx
  • That's just fabulous news Kate! And like BF says, he'll probably come on in leaps and bounds now in a short space of time!

    Your job sounds quite interesting, and well timed around caring for Theo and making the most of your time with him. He's got just gorgeous shiny eyes in the picture, scrumptious :\)

    Hope you have a lovely time in Derry and that Theo behaves himself on the plane x
  • Awww great news for you and well done Theo image He is absolutely GORGEOUS tho kate image Yeah you will be typing at the end of the month hes walking unaided then the fun starts lol! Looks like all positives for you atm great for you hun xxx
  • Ahh great that Theo is now on the move. He'll come on in leaps and bounds now, literally! He is so gorgeous.

    Glad to hear you're settling into your new job. Sounds like it's working out well!

    Have a great time with your friend and hope Theo behaves himself! xx
  • thanks you guys! yeah i can see advancements every day now, so happy, still a long way to go but he is only 16 months, we'll get there!!! thanks for your comments about my little man - his eyes are the image of his daddy's, i think you can see the latin american in them!!! they are so dark.

    unfortunately should be in derry now, but plane got cancelled! can't decide whether to get my money back or go tomorrow? was so excited about seeing my friend, but then if i go tomorrow will only really have thurs together then back fri, and what if there is more ash? i don't want to be stuck away from al and am due in work sat night. decisions decisions, i'm so bad at making my mind up, much worse since having the baby!!! xxx

  • He is a beautiful little boy! And it's great to hear he's getting the idea of moving, and that you have a new job you love.

    We've said before that Theo and Lily seem quite similar with their physical development - Lily bum-shuffles on laminate and in the garden and crawls properly on carpet - but as for cruising or walking - no chance. She STILL can't roll from her back to her front (can't or won't, not sure which). And when you try to hold her hands and walk her along she takes huuuuge giant steps and sort of twiddles her toes in mid-air, all whilst refusing to take any of her own weight - NOT encouraging!

    Did you go to Derry after all??
  • they would be the best of friends, happily bum shuffling around watching the others run!!! theo never crawls, not even on carpet, i think that's clever of lily to change tactics on different surfaces.

    over the weekend he rolled onto his front from his back and pushed himself up to a sitting position for the first time ever! i was so happy and couldn't wait to show al - which of course means he has not done it again!!!

    no we didn't get to derry, plane was cancelled on tues, then again on wed, so couldn't go til thurs then back fri so have applied for a refund and hopefully go another time in the summer, was so disappointed as had been looking forward to it for ages and the last time i saw my friend was the weekend of 4th july 2008, which is the weekend i began bleeding at only 14 weekspregnant and was such a sad time, so i was soooo looking forward to seein my friend at an extremely happy time in my life, but that will happen again soon xxx
  • I was half dead for Lorelei to start walking and now I wish she'd sit still for 5 minutes! Lol They all come along at different speeds but end up at the same stage eventually so there's no rush- he's probably just enjoying being laid back image He is absolutely gorgeous!
    Can your friend come see you?
    And congratulations on the job- sounds perfect for you x

  • we now have cruising!!!!! soooo exciting! theo will now cruise around the furniture and walk holding our hands, he's coming on in leaps and bounds now he's starting to take an interest, it's fab!!! xxx
  • we now have cruising!!!!! soooo exciting! theo will now cruise around the furniture and walk holding our hands, he's coming on in leaps and bounds now he's starting to take an interest, it's fab!!! xxx
  • That's great news - well sort of - your possessions are no longer safe! There's no stopping him now.

    H xx
  • That's awesome news! Go theo!!
  • yay go theo.

    im with MC couldnt wait for her to walk especially with being prem now it would be nice for 5 mins of peace and quiet if she could sit down

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