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Hey ladies
Just wanted to moan and chat really! I dont know why but im not enjoying the DIJ group maybe be better when were all a bit later on just ppl seem to be losing babies all the time and it makes me REALLY worried after the M/C :cry:
I feel for every one of them but it brings it closer to home im still waiting for 12 week scan date to come through and meanwhile im PARANOID i havent been offered an early scan as symptoms are present and HCG levels are normal too (not raised for a change lol) So perhaps there is only one this time here's hoping lol! Am i being silly avoiding the group? Im just not feeling like its a welcoming forum atm?!
Are you finding your 2nd pregnancies easier than the first? I wish i was the girls were angels compared to this bambino im being sick so much im losing weight but i have got tablets off m/w and am managing to keep fluids and a light diet down atm... :/
Im off choccy again just like the girls but still not fancying jelly babies like i was last time but then again their is time yet! Im exhausted as well but then i guess i didnt hae 18mnth old twins to contend with last time lol! They are gorgeous but a nightmare at the mo because me & Ruby are not well we both have a stinking cold not sure who got it off who but its not pleasant and ive got to be careful around Ella cuz if she gets it its dangerous after the pnemonia :/
So sam's doing as much of Ella's stuff as poss and im trying to not get too close and not let Ruby too clse however the cold has slowed our usually hyper Ruby down to normal pace and shes lovely and cuddly which is nice but unusual im hoping this stinking cold will vanish soon especially with the lovely weather =D
Sam has been a godsend rubbing my feet and running me baths and that image
Im bloating away but no actual bump yet lol! Am i the last one due atm?! 14th January? I just read the thread but pregnancy brain is here already (actually dont think it had left since the last time lol) How's everyones bumps? We have talked about it and so far have decided to be team yellow i found out with the girls so you know! May cahnge if its twins lol! Or if we cant resist temptation later lol!
Hows everyone doing with their bumps? Does anyone have a diff m/w to last time i do because my mw off last time is on maternity herself lol!
Who thinks im gunna be expoecting tewins again?
And what team blue or pink? Out of interest lol xxx


  • hey hon, i'm like you, ive posted in DIN a few times, but they are all going through things for the first time, so i feel like a right know it all if i post, or my issues are so diff because they are about being pregnant and dealing with an 18 month old!!!
    My pregnancy is very similar to my first, im still being sick at 20 + 4, ive had bad migraines, like i had with issy, but touch wood ive not had any for a few weeks, but one thing that is worse is my spd, i only had it for a few weeks with issy, ive had this since the beginning of my second trimester and its only getting worse not better!!! Moans all over now lol!!
    We found out last week that we are having another little girl, i thrilled to bits, it would of been nice to have a boy, but coz ive already got issy i feel like i know what im doing with another girl!
    I cannot believe that i am already half way through the pregancy, i feel like i dont think about it as much as i though about issy, weve bought nothing, as we have everything and the only thing that we are planning to do is move issy into her own room and decorate that! im more excited about that than the new baby coming!! One thing i was not expecting was the feelings of guilt i have had with this pregnancy, guild that im not doing anything about the baby, like buying things, guilt that im not as excited as i was with issy, and guilt that i didnt even know until i was over 7 weeks pregnant!!
    God im moaning again lol, hope you get your 12 week scan soon, so it can put your mind at rest about things, take care hon and rest as much as you can! which musnt be much with two little ones to look after!!!
  • I'm finally starting to feel a bit more normal at almost 18 weeks (I think?!)

    JL - I'm like you too...I don't focus on this pg anything like to the extent with Juliet. I don't feel guilty though. Just seems normal with it being 2nd time round & busy with toddler, work, moving and etc. We're skinted more than I ever remember so buying things is not on the cards, anyway! If this babe is a boy, it may well end up in juliet's clothes when we're indoors!! I'm not kidding!!

    Haven't felt baby yet but didn't for ages with juju either.

    Don't post in DIN really either. Haven't got time and can't commit to mire than one forum, properly. Still keep an eye out though & am wishing all the DIN's all the best.

    Not finding out sex. 20wk scan on 07/07.
    Last MW appt on 23 July.
    Move out of house 30 July.
    Fly 04/08.

    Looking forward to it all. Not liking being so poor but that will be state of play for a while yet as I won't be on any maternity entitlement :/

    great tohear your guys' news. Look forward to hearing about other BIDs xxxx
  • I've found the Jan forum quite friendly I have to admit, there's just not too much going on because people are only 7-11 weeks really so aside from morning sickness and spotting there isn't much goes on in these early weeks but will pick up in next trimester I would imagine.
    I'm still really sick too but am only 9 weeks so expect to be like this another while yet unfortunately as was bad with last 2 pregnancies also but that's ok, I just take it that it means everything is going as it should. I'd an early scan yesterday and am thankfully measuring spot on for dates which was a big relief- the problems last time showed he was measuring too small at 12 week scan so it's good news that this bean is growing as should. Will be having the nuchal and blood tests done at 12 week scan so not breathing too easily now but not as worried as I was.
    I'll not be finding out the gender this time- dude wants to and I'm happy for them to tell him but I'm adamant I don't want to know.
    Lizzie, can't believe you're moving so soon- aside from the practicalities and financial aspect, are you not really excited?
    JL another wee girl is lovely image and also quite handy. There are so many little outfits I had for Lorelei that I'd love to get another round out off!
  • The DIS forum is quite strange. Most of the girls have left this website and only post on the facebook page which makes the BE forum look really empty. Some of the things they talk about reminds me of us back in the day - which pram are you getting? Which nursery theme? etc etc. There also seems to be a lot more of them going through personal issues - I'm not going to mention them here as they only post on facebook so obviously want to keep it private. However I am so glad that I have a much more settled, happy life.

    Angelkisses - when I first joined this forum I was about 7 weeks pregnant with Abby. There were so many people who seemed to be losing their babies that I ended up being in tears every time I looked. In the end my OH banned me from this website so I went AWOL for a couple of months. I feel quite selfish about it but OH was so worried about me. Very, very glad I came back though. :\)

    Anyway this pregnancy is much harder than the last one. LO never stops moving, as soon as I get comfortable it moves and digs me somewhere else instead. The sickness was worse and lasted longer but has gone now. I've had SPD since 20 weeks and, although I'm keeping it generally under control, spikes after a day out or a bad night's sleep. Then I creep around the room like a disabled crab. :\(
    At this time in my 1st pregnancy I was on my summer holidays and just got back from a fortnight in the Carribean, this time I'm chasing aorund after students who haven't turned up for lessons, marking coursework and preparing my staff for my absence. I suppose the difference in levels of tiredness should be expected under the circumstances. PLus I'm a lot bigger this time - bump is huge! This puts strain on my back.

    We've gone with another yellow bump - I loved the surprise last time. I'm sure it's a boy as it's already caused me 10x as much hassle as Abby did. image Clothes-wise it doesn't matter as OH's uncle has 2 boys under 5 and gave us loads of boy baby clothes last time so we are prepared for both. I don't mind at all what I get as Abby is such a tomboy that I don't feel that we have a girly girl anyway. I don't really like stereotypes anyway, so hope that sex would make absolutely no difference to how they were brought up.

    Anyway hope you start to feel better soon and sorry I rabbled on,
    H xx
  • Thanks ladies....maybe i will do what you did blondefriend and steer clear for a cpl more weeks until i have had my 12 week scan on JULY 8th =D And your right it makes no odds what sex the baby is they will be loved equally im actually in a better position financially this time than last but i wont get the sure start grant that i got with the twins so thats ??500 less than last time but with having sam and me just been promoted we have regualr hours and a payrise so were lucky in that respect. However i do think its a boy given the extra hassle ive had lol! Hey mummychops didnt know you were DIJ well i probs did but i forgot woops =/ yeah i guess it will pick up soon image What date you due? Im glad my symptoms are here but by god i wish i could escape sickness for 5 mins :/ Awww congrats JLanother lil girl i wouldnt mind another girl but if im honest a boy would be great because i have 2 girls n sam wont be as outnumbered but then i think another girl would work better for the twins having said that Ruby could use someone energetic to run around after because she dont get it from me atm and Ella is like i dont think so lol! Never mind though the challenges of being pregnant with 18mnth olds can always be talked about here like i say the main ones for me are sickness and tiredness and im thinking for later how do you manage to lift them with your bump lol! x
  • Awww bless ya leigh its just hard with bthe second i think ive not been as obsessive but then i am worried about mc and im kinda putting it to back of mind until im safe! Goish 6 weeks to go you will get it sorted lol! Us mummy's always do haha image Its always different with the first cuz your all wondering whats going on and bump is all there is to concentrate on but now we have toddlers too haha!
    Ive got back pain but for the last 24hrs i have not been sick that now said i shall probl;y be up all night lol" But it was a welcome break lol! Hope your sciatica aint too bad and hope the placenta is behaving image You are by no means fat lol image Your neat lil bump haha xxxx
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