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Lunch time!

I was wondering wat you girls give ur little ones for lunches?? Wat kinds of things I need ideas as am running out of ideas! As u all no maddox is very fussy : ) so an sticking to stuff he feeds himself, at the mo he only has these: crumpets, with butter/jam/cream cheese/pate, pancakes, sarnies with only phili chives or dairylea, crackers with dairlylea, he's had oatcakes only few times has he eaten them he tends to leave them, he likes the organix crisps and raisins, and the cereal bars for snacks, he also loves yogs and apples bananas pears. but wonderin eat other things? He tends to have the same, he won't eat chunks of meat, ham, hard cheese, eggs won't touch scrambled, he only likes the baby hoops

teatimes are the same as above as he won't eat hot meals except hoops or those little waffles sometimes, now he's only using one hand he's limited even more!


  • lunchtimes are ok for us -she will happily eat me as long as she has something to investigate like some pegs etc.

    dinner times she has food to feed herself, she has things like
    croutons if she has soup (more toast really)
    pieces of bread
    she really likes the pototo and carrot waffles from asda
    boiled potatoes
    sometimes pototo letters (used tobe called alphabites)
    fish fingers

    while she is feeding herself i tend to shovel in something to go with it like
    mince and onions in gravy
    spag hoops/shapes
    cottage pie
    pasta dishes

    we also have beans on toast
    cheesey beans on jacket potato
    beans and cheesey omlette
    have you tried omlette rather than scambled egg

    how about giving him a fork to help with the one handed problem

  • I'll do pancakes sometimes if I've got leftover mix,
    cheese crackers (don't tend to use them myself but could be good), flavoured rice cakes (the snackajacks type).
    jacket potato
    omlette is another good one I sometimes do - c will eat that rather scrambled egg
    a fork may well be helpful.
    good luck
  • Abby is 1000x more fussy for me than anywhere else. For me her mealtimes are generally:

    Hot /main meal
    - fish pie
    - cheesy veg
    - fish fingers or scampi

    2nd meal
    - scrambled egg
    - diarylea or babybel cheese
    - bread sticks, rice cakes or crumpets
    - cereal
    - baked beans

    - fruit salad
    - yogurt
    - custard or rice pudding pots
    - ice cream

    She refuses pasta, potato, rice, meat, raw veg, sandwiches etc but will eat it at nursery or in a restaurant. :roll: In fact I turned up early to pick her up from nursery during half term and had to wait outside because she was on her 3rd portion of roast dinner (meat, potato, veg and gravy - none of which she will eat for me! :x ).

    TBH because I work FT I know she has variety during the week so don't worry too much about what she eats at the weekend. She eats all sorts when we're out for a meal. We try to eat out at least once a fortnight just because it works so well. Harvester is good value because I can fill up on salad whilst she eats most of my main meal. She also loves to try things in strange situations - she had 3 large lumps of strange meat such as hasslet from samples at the deli at Sainsburys. I didn't buy any because I knew she wouldn't eat any at home.

    Also Abby has cut back enomously during the hot weather. Some days she has eaten nothing but fruit and yogurt all day - good nappies the next day! However I'm not really worried as she will usually just eat more a few days later.

    Personally in your situation I would cut back on the snacks (eg Organix crisps and cereal bars) and let him have more of the things he likes such as crumpets with different toppings. Just put something extra on the side of his plate every meal time but ignore it. If he tries it great, if he doesn't then don't worry.

    Good luck,
    H xx
  • Thanx for the advice, that's good that abby eats at nursery maybe she doesn't eat for you because she's had enough of those types of things at nursery hehe yeh I give him a fork and he just stabs the things hehe he also loves those asda waffles well sometimes! I can sometimes get mash with veg hidden in with gravy

    Kar1234 way kind of soup do u give her do u make it ur self? he doesn't eat potatoes big ones only mash omelette is a good idea he tends to not want to pick something up if it's new or even if he has had it before like today he had garlic bread normally loves it but he picked it up and pretended to eat it?? Then threw it!! He's a funny one : ) xxx
  • Skye's becoming more fussy of late, must just be her asserting her toddler independence I think! :roll:

    For lunch I tend to give her a main meal, and we do the lighter option at teatime. She absolutely loves breadsticks or cheesey straws to dip in little Philly tubs which she can do herself. And she has a real passion for slices of pineapple and mango! This girl has expensive tatste LOL! :lol:

    Have you tried Maddox on grated cheese raher than bigger bits? Will he eat raisins as part of his pudding, or maybe yoghurt coated fruit, you can get raisins/strawberries/raspberries etc? Skye won't eat bread which is rather a pain tbh, and for some reason is quite happy finger feeding large pasta shapes, but won't eat them as part of a meal, bizarre. Have you tried him on finger food pasta shapes, I give Skye hers without any sauce, but you could try with a small amount of sauce if you don't mind the mess?

    The pouch Fruitapura things always go down well here too, she loves to suck them out! Oh, and sweet potato or squash fingers baked in the oven :\)
  • Where do you get baby waffles, carrot waffles and potato letters from? They sound nice and easy.
  • The waffles are from asda Hun asda home make only bout 95p a bag they are carrot and potato waffles, and they do little potato stars and smiles! Xx
  • the letters i get are from farm foods, ??1 for a big bag.
    DD has a good diet (sometimes better than us) so i think some junk wont hurt her. plus as she is still only a dinky 21lb odd she needs fattening up still

  • josh loves the potato smileys and stars aswell with chicken dippers image and fish fingers or hashbrowns lol
    he does tend to prefer things he can feed himself now but i can put in spoonfuls around the finger food. and he loves using his fork now.
    I got josh the other day for a snack raisin mini pancakes from tescos and he loves them too.
  • I'm trying to get J into sandwiches right now. She will try finely grated cheese sandwich and she ate a whole jam sandwich yesterday. I take all the crusts off and fold it over and cut into little fingers.

    Usually something bread-based like a crumpet or maybe an English muffin.

    J not interested in cheese on toast or beans on toast but would try her with those if she was as can be filling and nutritious and could start building toppings up as they become more adventurous.

    I haven't given her any frozen type food like you guys say. Is the salt and processed crap content lower in things like smiles because they're directed for children?
  • Do you worry about the bones in frozen fish / fish fingers? I have recently started Juliet on eating fish and tried her with a small piece of crumbed fillet which she loved but when I read box in supermarket for fish AND FF, all said there is a risk of bones ARRGH. Do you think it is minimal? I was quite excited that Juliet ate some fish but don't want to be stressing about it.

    Leigh - I know what you mean. I feel very hypocritical when I am eating lots of crisps and crap while pregnant and then won't let Juliet have any junk. I have relaxed a little on some things now but I would never let her have a bag of adult crisps (she has goodies type ones) or any fizzy drink (I tell her it's alcohol when she tries to drink our pop......can imagine that being interesting when she chatters more and tells people I have alcohol morning noon and addicted to apple tango this pregnancy doh!) I don't even bother trying to give her a tiny bit of chocolate as that causes massive very un-Juliet like tantrums for some reason as she just isn't satisfied with one bite and I'm not happy to give her any more so chocolate is banned.

    The one thing I have really softened on which I have surprised myself with is that I add a half tspn or nesquick to her cold milk. This is out of pure desparation though as she just won't bother drinking any milk (other than on cereal) otherwise and I need her to drink a cup a day so I figure because it works, I can handle this as the benefit of the milk outweighs the detriment of the nesquick.

    I am quite strict on cereals but as she won't even entertain porridge, weetabix or rice crispies, I had to soften to Shreddies and Just Right. I see all the much more fun looking cereals in the supermarket and have been tempted (what is that even about? Love by food??) but no. MIL and particularly her friend who they go out with every Monday are nowhere near as careful as me. She gets quavers, bicsuits and quite often chocolate cake, something chocolatey or icecream. I just bite my tongue and think only 5 more weeks to go. It is such a dealbreaker for me that I would not be letting MIL continue childcare if we weren't leaving as she thinks she knows best and doesn't think like I do. She would happily give J three biscuits (adult sized) in a day which personally, I think is ridiculous given her size. I restrict her to one plain adult biscuit (rich tea) a day if I'm stuck and she's either mardy/tired/sick. I try not to even ask what she's eaten when they've gone out of our house as it upsets me too much. She always goes for the easy option and although she is by no means as bad as many other people I know of, she doesn't respect my boundaries when it comes to food.

    Ps - am not a complete tyrant and when we go out, I like to let Juliet have a treat e.g. some of my chips (as again, think it is quite hypocritical for me to devour a plate and not even allow her a couple!) or maybe a 'fun' biscuit!!!
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