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My boys at 18 months...

Hi Girls,

I'm always late to put photo's on, but here are their 18 month photo's... They were weighed and measured last week at just over 18 months...

Gabriel 25lbs / 83cm
Gideon 23lb 3oz / 78.5cm

A bit of a difference in height eh??? I looked at what Saul weighed and measured when he was 18 months old... 29lbs / 93cm...

I have a tall one, a medium one and a short ass!!!!!

I hope I remembered how to put the photo's on correctly...

Sara xxx


  • Ahhh, they are lovely (and a great photo too), and look like they get on together which is great.
  • They're gorgeous x
  • awww what gorgeous pics bet you are soproud of them x
  • ahh very cute i will have to get pics up of my twin boys born 16.12.08,,.

    when did ur boys walk?

    me1975 x
  • Hi me1975,

    Gabriel was first to walk at 13 months, Gideon quite a way behind him at 16.5 months!!! There's no stopping them now!!!

    What about yours?

    Sara x
  • hi sars

    billy was 1st 15mths then a month after charlie walked,they are so funny to watch together lol.

    mine have started biting each other or hitting each other, tho not very often but they do, do yours do this?

    me1975 xx

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  • Your boys are soooo cute. I thought they were identical but they're not are they? They seem to have different personalities as well. Beautiful photos. xx
  • Gorgeous photos and gorgeous boys! Love the ones of them kissing xx
  • No they're not identical, which i'm glad about, but people keep thinking Gabriel is a girl, think its because of his hair... Its so lovely and curly, i've decided to grow it... Gideon wasn't blessed with curly hair, his is straight and quite fine, so will need to be kept short...

    No, mine don't bite (thank god), but they do fight, snatch toys from one another, push one another over etc... All I find myself saying is No No No... Funny that this is all Gideon says too!!!!

    When I saw the photo of them kissing, I cried!!! Its got pride of place in the living room...

    Sara x
  • absolutely gorgeous!
    are they pixiephoto??
  • They were taken at The Portrait Place in Debenhams in Plymouth... They are brilliant, would recommend them to anyone...

    Always look forward to taking them in every 6 months!!!

    Sara x
  • there gorgeous,loving the pics, my twins are nearly 18months and jack has been walkin for months but charlotte is just not bothered,wish she would get a move on as i want her walking in 2 months when i get married

  • Fall3n Ang3l i hope Charlotte obliges for your wedding day =D I cant believe that my girls are 18months ;O It is a big milestone and they are both walking and talking and getting on well which i am pleased about lol! Given that im expecting no.3 i couldnt be dealoing with the fighting they did go through a stage i can not put up photos on here im so rubbish but tomorrow ill put a link up for you to see em image They are changing now look like propper toddlers and not babies at all image Drink out of sippy cups and walk loads im like i have children not babies i dont quite know what to make of it lol! Next stop potty training however think that may take a while lmao image
    Sara 7 the boys are gorgeous and altho not ID you can tell they are twins they do look similar and the photo of them kissing is gorgeous image I have one of the girls but Rubuy was in time out and Ella kissed her so it was cute but not prfessional and i did have to remove Ella after the photo haha :P Gorgeous boys you have like =D God there was a few sets of twins born in December wasnt there i didnt realise haha xxxx

  • angelkisses- i didnt post for agers in dec' forum as they was supposed to be born in march but the little tinks couldnt wait :lol:

  • Sara, they're lovely, esp the one of them kissing. Hope things are on the up for you now?
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