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FAO PTB & StB et al (Re: SPD)

I think I'm starting to get SPD and as I'm only 21 weeks am a little worried about it. I have had the odd pain and discomfort but nothing too bad but on Monday we took Abby to Windsor and managed to, stupidly, forget the pushchair. Although she walked a bit I ended up with her on my shoulders for most of the afternoon. By the evening I could hardly move and was shuffling around the house in a lot of pain. Last time I didn't get this until about 39 weeks!

Does this sound like SPD to you? If so what should I do about it? I'm really worried about the state I'm going to be in by September, especially with a toddler.

H xx


  • hey, not sure if you can get it this early, i know you can get it at the end of your first trimester / beginning of tsecond when your ligaments are softening as i had it for a few weeks with issy and now have it, just at night in my hips and cannot move without crying in pain!!!!! grrrrrr hopefully it wont last long, i cannot imagine the pain some of you poor ladies went through when you had it at the end of your pregnancy, it must of been so painful, one of my best friends was on crutches for the last four wks of her pg she was in so much pain. x
  • Sounds like it could be, sorry to say. As I'm sure you know SPD is more common in second+ pregnancies.

    Like you the only time I felt in pain the leg/pelvic/pubic region in my first pg was in the last week, but it started at around 25 weeks with Maddie and got worse. It was worst in bed (turning over particularly) and if I overdid it (walking, vacuuming). In the last tri I basically walked with fairy steps everywhere because opening my legs any wider or going any faster was too painful.

    I would ask to be referred to a physio so you can limit the damage.
  • hey bf, i had the symptoms from 20 weeks so you can get it that early unfortunately. i had physio and also wore a corset which i found helped a lot, i also slept with one of the v shaped cushions that are good for breasteeding between my legs which helped loads and took paracetamol when necessary, but as sb said the biggest thing is rest - which was easy for me as i was on partial bed rest anyway!!! and also theo was my first, but obviously easier said than done for you, but when possible do put your feet up. hope you are not too uncomfortable, love k xxx
  • Thanks for all your replies. It's not been too bad for the last week - just a constant dull ache in my lady bits. My pillow is in the in laws attic so I need to go and get it for overnight as it does seem to be worse then. I'm trying hard to keep my legs together (hee hee image ) and am trying to teach as much as possible from my chair at the front of the classroom.

    One of my closest friends is a physio (although not a pelvic specialist) and she has recommended a belt which I need to get. Went to Boots and the pharmacist had no clue what I was talking about. Where did you get yours from, Kate?

    Anyway I'm down to do the 5km Race for Life in 2 months so hoping it doesn't get any worse. I'll feel like a complete quitter if I have to back out, especially as my 38 week pregnant friend and retired mother (who had a hip replacement 2 months ago) are doing it.

    Thanks again,
    H xx
  • hey h,

    i was in hospital when i was diagnosed, and was given my corset by the hospital physio along with advice and exercises to do - i think they all helped, can you ask your dr or midwife to be referred to the physio department in your hospital as i'm not sure where you'd buy it? or, if (and that's a big if!) i can find it i could send you mind? it's just basically like a massive bandage that goes around from your waist to past your hips and gives an extra bit of support. i would imagine you would need it during the race at the very least, i hope you can do it and are feeling well enough to, but if not don't put any pressure on yourself as you don't want to force yourself to do it and then end up being on crutches.

    i too found night time the worst and towards the end was in so much discomfort i had to take paracetamol to sleep as every time i rolled over the pain woke me up and i couldn't get comfy, but the v pillow was a big help so i'd definately dig yours out of the attic.

    hope yours stays mild.

    take care of yourself, k xxx
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