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Potty training, I'm scared!! :lol:

Well, I think that the dreaded time may soon be upon me, potty training! :roll:

We've been quite happily plodding along, Skye sleeping through, napping well in the day, she still has the cot bed sides on thank god!

So, I guess this is the next big thing, and I really don't think I'm ready for it yet!!! image

We've had a potty in the bathroom for a few months and she now sits on it fully clothed while we go to the toilet, saying "wee wee!" and making wee wee noises. And then today she went and got the potty when I changed her nappy and sat on it for a full 10 minutes reading books. No wee wee thank goodness, but I guess she's letting me know that the time may be coming shortly to get going with training.

She lets me know when she doing a wee wee in her nappy, quite often crouching down and pointing.

Have any of you had to tackle it yet?

Would love to hear any hints and tips if so!

Hoping I can get to Xmas maybe before having to bite the bullet, because I reckon I'll need a clear week or so to do it :roll:

Iz & Skye x


  • uhoh we are at the same point too. DD holds her nappy when she has a wee and 'hides' when she poos, she either goes into another room or behind the tv or into the corner. we have been 'using' the potty at nappy changes and before a bath. the other day she had a poo about 1.5 hours before her bath and her nappy was still dry when she went into the bath.

    she is showing lots of the signs, there is a useful quiz to check for readiness

    im hoping to get to christmas too so that we will have time to spend at home to get to the urm bottom of it

  • That quiz was helpful image It says i should wait a bit because they are exoeriencing change in their life with changing nursery's and the baby coming plus they are not uncomfy in their nappy's but they sit on the potty when they are reading and stuff and when im in the bath or on the loo lol they also push the potty around so im not sure they know exactly what its but they are prem so im not too worried....image x
  • Hmmm, took that quiz (thanks Karen) and it says she may be ready as showing all the signs! But I'm definitely not going there yet unless I really have to!!!

    We chose a potty for the downstairs toilet today and she went round the shop telling everyone it was for wee wees and poo poo's, the embarrassment of it! imageops: And then insisted on holding it in her buggy for the rest of the trip around town!! x
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