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Clumsy boddlers anyone?

Hey guys,
Im just wondering if any of you have noticed your boddlers getting clumsy lately or if its somthing i should worry about1 Ella seems to be forever falling over and Ruby isnt musch better i swear anyone who didnt know me would be thinking i didnt take care of them properly!
They are always falling down just walking and trip over themselves isnt this not supposed to happen until puberty lol?
Ella fell off a chair today a chair she has sat in for AGES and never fell out of before! She has a bruise on her elbow but shes ok bless her she hardly made any fuss over it! But in the last couple of weeks between them they have fell off the swings at the park, off the chair at home, tripped multiple times in the garden, slipped in the bath (despite the bath mat) jammed fingers in the ONLY door in the kitchen that doesnt have a child catch cuz its a corner cupboard and i couldnt get the catch on it among other things!
I do watch them honestly but clumsy isnt even the word for them atm......i need extra eyes than usual should i worry?? They start nursery on september 12th and im a lil worried that the nursery will see all the scrapes and bruises and think that im abusing/neglecting them! Until they see how clumsy they are lol! Sam says its just their age coz their growing and im not normally a fussy/paranoid mummy (well no more than the usual mums lol) im not like oh she coughed she has flu ya know but this is worrying me a lil! They are also still under weight (both under 20lbs) despite being on pedisure drinks and eating balanced meals i dunno if all this is connected or if the size thing is simply because they are prem and twins (as the doc thinks) they seem happy enough and they talk and sing and dance (when they are on their feet) they interact with other kids and seem to understand everything i tell them but i dunno if i should worry!
Maybe im getting overly worried in my pregnant state with all the hormones i havent killed sam yet which is reassuring lol but there is still time! Cant remember if i posted after scan but juat in case 20 weeks all was fine a lovely healthy SINGLE bean lol! but we are staying team yellow EVERYONE says its a girl though way im carrying and the symptoms i had in early pregnancy even did ring test and came out as girl lol! Im not really fussed but a boy would be nice as i wont be having anymore for the foreseeable future lol! But if im destined for another girl ill be equally as happy (feel selfish saying i want a boy as i do know how blessed i am to even have a healthy pregnancy and everything i have i have my gorgeous girls anyone else feel that way? I think i stayed Yellow in case i found myself feeling a bit dissapointed if it was another girl bt once i see my baby boy or girl i wouldnt care i know that!)
Anyway great to see all of you are getting on well boddlers are growing up so fast i cant believe that as xmas approaches our babies are going to be TWO!!! Not babies anymore =/ some are already big brothers and sisters and lots more will be soon hehe! Our BIDiie family is growing away there! image
Anyhoo any advice/experiences you can share on the clumsy front would really help.....
i am freaking myself out a little lol
loves to all


  • When I picked Abby up from nursery on Friday they said that she had fallen over about 20 times. Bless her - she doesn't make a fuss, just gets up and gets on. I think a combination of them growing and just trying things slightly beyond their ability means that they fall down. Personally I think it means that their confidence is good and they are willing to try new things and push themselves. :\)

    As for being small it didn't do Kylie any harm. If their social development is good don't worry - being a small girl is a good thing in my 5'3" opinion.

    H xx
  • Lovely to hear your update and that all was well at the 20 week scan image Al is really clumsy too - mostly because he wants to run all the time and trips over his feet!! I'm always explaining away things at his nursery but am sure they've seen it all before! x
  • DD is terrible too, she has always got bruises and scrapes on her knees and shins.

    she doesnt make much fuss either and its really sweet now cos as she is getting up she says 'im ok'.

    DDs 'problem' is is that she never looks were she is going so falls over toys and her own feet.

    my mum always says that if our los didnt have cuts and bruises on knees and elbows then it would show that they just sit in the corner without moving. so it is always better to see them getting into scrapes.

  • yep Ruby is too. She fell off the swing at the park the other day while i was holding her!? Today alone she has fallen off a small purple chair, off the end of the settee, over the bar between the lounge and conservatory, over Daddy's foot, off the reclining armchair and off the slide going up to milly's ladder bed. We havent even been out!!!!
    i'm not worried cos milly was the same. i even took M to the HV to ask if she had flat feet (cos they tend to be a bit clumsier if they do) but she hadn't. She is still pretty clumsy too. They both had huge lumps on their foreheads the other week from different incidents and a couple of my friends mentioned "social services" in passing!
    I'm sure your two are just fine!
  • Thanks ladies ill stop worrying a bit now and just enjoy my confident boddlers image x
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