Maddox professional piccies : ) have to share them : )

iwent into town today and saw a baby competition, so entered maddox thought id show u all the pics cos i love them SSSSOOOOO much!! hope u all dont mind so many pics of maddox but i just gotta share them with u all! it was totally spontaneous so this outfit was soo not good but oh well he still looks cute! he just wasnt dressed for the occasion hehe! : )



    i seriously couldnt leave any piccies out cos i love them all!! x
  • They are lovely. Such a beautiful gummy smile.
  • Gorgeous little boy! How did you get him to smile for such a sustained period of time? Lily would probably allow two smiley pics but after that it'd be all gormless stares and raspberry blowing!
  • im not just sayin this but hes known for doin nothin but smile?!! everyone says that about him, hes such a poser, as soon as he sees a camera he stops and smiles!! was really funny cos the ones of him on his front, he just lifted his head up and posed, now if i did that at home he wudve rolled over after half a second and pulled the vase over or somethin!! strrange how when she did it he just lay there and smiled!!

    she took the pics in a matter of minutes, she even said what a happy smiley boy he is!! such a poser im gonna have my hands full when he grows up!! xx
  • Aww what a little cutie. Good luck with the comp.
  • He is such a cutie - I'm a bit biased as I think he is very similar looking to Abby. It's the square baby jaw; long, blonde hair and the big, gummy smile.

    Beautiful little boy,
    H xx
  • thanks everyone! thanks blondefriend, am sure Abby doesnt look boyish but thats not a bad thing cos i think boys can be just as sweet/innocent lookin as girls!! he really does need his hair cut tho soon!! yes he does have a very square jaw its so cute when he smiles! : )
  • Aw what fantastic pics, he looks soooooo gorgeous! x
  • Aww, Maddox is so scrummy! i can't stop smiling looking at those piccies.

    Hannah xx
  • He does look just so cute PL! And love his quiffy hair, gorge! x
    I cant stop smiling!!.I recently got Nathan's pictures done...will post them up soon x
  • He is gorgeous! Love his trendy gear too hehe
    If we can vote for him let us know x
  • thanx girls such lovely comments!! his hair is a tip, it ssooo needs cutting and the quiff has a life of its own! she cudve tucked his hair behind his ears hehe!
    he wasnt dressed for the occasion wouldve put him in somethin way better if id have known, he was in his scruffs!! and the socks are the other halfs fault he pulled them really high up hehe!! oh well suppose its natural and its all about the face : ) xx
  • Maddox is gorgeous...I love your pictures!

    It makes me want to go out and get piccies done of my boys.

  • Oooh I missed these pictures (stupid work getting in way of BE). He really is one gorgeous baby.
  • So cute... Love his hair, fabulous...

    Sara x
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