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Ominous words/sounds

Just wondered if anyone else gets those moments of dread when you hear a little voice from the next room? image

- "Oh dear"
- "Uh oh"
- "Mummy, Abby need wipe"
- "Amber done wee wee" (Amber's our elderly dog)
- "Dirty"
- "Nappy gone" (find a naked girl in her cot with the nappy thrown across the room)
- "Daddy's juice" (Daddy's juice is beer!)

And the ultimate... silence!


  • We get lots of "oh dear/oh uh's"! Normally means Skye's ripped a flap out of a lift the flap book/spilt something/broken something/put her foot in the cat food etc!!

    Fortunately we don't get any "nappy gone" yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time :roll:

    And "oh nooooooo!" is a scary one too!

    And you are so right, the total silence is the real worrier :lol:

  • We get 'oh no', but thankfully in quite a sing song voice repeated over and over again, so it's not normally anything to worry about. Silence is def the one that causes the most concern - normally coz there's trouble or C's doing something he shouldn't.
  • "Oh dear soup, silly billy" was one I was not delighted to hear when Lily was in her highchair the other day and I'd nipped upstairs for a second to grab something.
  • Had to add one from the other day. I was in the bath having a nice post-natal soak and could hear Abby banging and singing in her cot. She had been in bed for about an hour so my OH came up to see what was going on. His comments went something like this:

    "Why aren't you asleep?"
    "What's all the noise?"
    "Why's the light on?" (she can reach the switch for her bedside light)
    "Why's your nappy off?!"

    I'm afraid I just burst into laughter. :lol: Especially when I heard a little voice say "Sorry Daddy" followed by "Light off".

    I told you she was my joy! :\)
  • :lol::lol::lol:

    You gotta love her! x

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  • amazing! so abby
  • I love these!
    James does the usual "uh oh" when he has doen something naughty or dropped his dummy out of his cot at 6am! Grrr

    However, his fave word is "bogey" especially with his finger stuck up his nose at the same time. He is such boy!

  • Hehe these made me laugh out loud! PT that's just made me andy fianc???? giggle "oh dear soup, silly billy" that's just class! : )

    maddox woke up and said "uh-oh" randomly in the middle of the night was so cute! it was about 4am and he was just sitting there! : ) kinda freaks me out tho! ( long story about 4 yr old nephew, who says he can see his grandad (who's passed away) in the middle of the night??! )
  • these all made me laugh lots!
    ruby's most worrying phrase is "uh-oh, mess" and her funniest is "mummy, silly old billy!"
  • Oh, these have given me a much needed giggle!

    My favourite one from Rachel has to be when I've heard a crash, or something is spilled on the floor when I come back in, and I ask her who did it, and she looks at me with her eyes wide and replies seriously, 'Oh, Dad did it!'.

    Bless them, they're getting much too smart for us!

    Hannah xx
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