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cross cutting teeth

is anyone's lo cutting their teeth in the wrong order?

DD has cut them in the following order
bottom left
top left
top right
2nd top left
2nd top right
bottom right
2nd bottom right

bottom left first molar
top right first molar


  • Yup, we're out.
    We got the bottom middle 2 first, then we got the top 2, then the next top 2 working out, then the first molars at the top, and finally another one bottom right!

    we're still waiting for more to make an appearance!
  • Ive stopped counting as Josh has a mouthful now!
    His did come in order tho, bottom middle 2 then next bottom 2 then top middle 2 and next middle 2 then all the others up and down.
    Does anyone know how many baby teeth they get all together??
  • a full set of milk teeth are 20 in total.

    does seem to be very common for the teeth to com out of order, out of 3 other mums i know with los of a similar age they have all cut them out of order
  • Isaac seems to have stuck to the right order and we now have 16 teeth! Loads have come through recently all at the same time. Didn't know it was 20 total, that means not many left- phew! x
  • Skye's have been completely out of order from the start, with a molar first!

    And she is now cutting canine teeth which are causing lots of pain : ( She still only has 3 front bottom teeth though??!! We have 12 in total and hope to get another 3 canines out of the way pretty soon by teh looks of things...

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  • random but I had a crazy dream last night I gave birth to a baby with 4 teeth!
  • Ruby has got 16 teeth, all came through in a funny order though. They will get the last 4 double teeth at about 2 1/2 years, so once they have got 16 they will have a little respite!
  • Hurry up those next 4 then please, I need a break before the last molars!
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