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A great day in the Toothbrush household

Totally pointless post, do not bother indulging it with a reply. Lily has been napping for THREE HOURS now, only after her 12 week jabs has she ever napped for so long. Of those three hours, Maddie was also asleep for two. I am one happy, happy Mummy.



  • Would like to add, I would obviously be a HAPPIER Mummy if rather than having an epic nap Lily had slept in til 7am instead of getting in bed with us at 3.30am when the birds first started tweeting outside. Ah well.
  • Hee hee.

    Did those black-out blinds ever arrive? I loved the thought of Lily bum-shuffling in and saying "Sorry mummy!".
  • Wow, three hours!! Well done Lily! And Maddie for a coinciding 2 hour nap : )
    Think we've only had that out of Skye maybe twice!!
    Maybe she's tired from all her night time bum shuffling expeditions?! x
  • A magical 3 hours! I bet you enjoyed that time! Isaac occasionally does this usually when ill or teething though. Hopefully they will begin to have their naps together more as Maddie gets older. Bliss x
  • I've ordered a blackout blind from Dunelm and it can't come quickly enough!

    In the past week we've had morning visits as early as THREE AM, but averaging 4.30am. Usually she'll get in with us and go back off for a few hours but with Maddie also in the bed already it's not ideal.

    For the last three days she has extended her hours of exploration to include the couple of hours after she's been put to bed. We just hear a little thump as her feet hit the floor and then go up to find her somewhere upstairs looking pleased with herself. She's very docile though as she always is at bedtime - we just put her back in bed and she goes back down without a murmur - for a while. Then she gets up again! Last night she was up four times between 7pm-9pm, and was also heard instructing "Daddy, door!" from her bed when the Tesco delivery arrived, and then "Bye bye" when they went. Tonight she's been up twice in the last hour, on one of those occasions bum-shuffling into the bathroom looking for all the world like she was going to use the loo.. Atm we're finding it quite funny, esp as she's not a terror about going back to bed again.

    Haven't had an apology from her since that time, though! Now she's more likely to come in in the early hours saying "Daddy shower, Daddy work" or "tickle tickle Maddie". Great!
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