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Nearly on the training cup at last!!!!!!!


AFter about 4 months of trying to get Skye over from the bottle to a cup for her milk feeds, we are nearly there...major YAY! :lol:

It has been one of the hardest moves, nearly more perplexing at times than weaning I have to say, and I'm sure lots of babies don't have many issues with the change :roll:

We had tried numerous makes, Avent spout (with/without valve), TT Explora, TT Freeflow (quite happy to use for water!), Boots own, NUK (her fav bottles), MAM, Nuby soft spout, Vital baby...and I'm sure there's more!!!

And after all the darn fancy ones we have tried she is happiest with a Tesco's own My Toddler one, hoo-flippin-rah! :lol:

It is a great transition cup, it has a lovely soft silicone-type spout with 3 holes and a valve to slow things down ever so slightly. She loves it, and guzzles down 4 oz mid pm in about 2 minutes, followed by a very unlady-like burp :lol::lol:

Just thought I would mention it in case anybody else has had the fun and games I've had switching over!

Now for changing over the brekkie and night bottles over the next few weeks...fingers crossed that she doesn't use her new sharp teeth to bite the spouts off now!

Iz & Skye x


  • Leigh, we are having the same problem as you, issy has water from the TT cup no problem but as soon as i put milk in it she pours it everywhere!
  • I'm with you on the fact that Skye also throws milk everywhere when I tried to give her milk in a freeflow beaker! I tried the Avent soft spout without the valve and she thought it was hilarious to "water" the table, floor and chairs in John Lewis cafe!! Mmm!

    Not sure if it's just that Skye is quite a petite baby that she finds the NUK bottle teats good? They are quite a slowish flow for teats, but they just seem to suit her. Anything where the milk comes out quite fast she just splutters/drowns and then pushes away in a strop!! And she will not be persuaded to try again!!

    The Tesco My Toddler cup valve seems to be quite unusual, a sort of "plug" with a slit that just stops the milk coming too fast, but she doesn't have to suck any harder than her teat to get the milk, the opposite if anything.

    I think it's just the case of trying to find the right one for your little 'un?

    I'm certainly hoping I've found the one that gets Skye slowly across to a more freeflow-type cup/beaker, as she finds them too fast for large milk feeds for the mo. I suppose as she gets stronger and bigger she will go over to a freeflow beaker, and then to an open cup in time?

    My sister's little boy was using the Avent soft spout for all feeds by 9 months, so she can't understand my problems with Skye!

    Just keep worrying that now Skye has quite a few teeth that I must get her off the bottle slowly so her teeth aren't in prolonged contact with the formula, putting her at risk of tooth decay. I really must brush her teeth twice a day now!!!
  • I tried using a variety of cups a couple of months ago but no luck. Abby seems to have been constantly ill since then so haven't really tried again. We've weaned off the breast last week so probably time to make the next step. She's ill again now so will try once she feels better. Thanks for the tips.

    H xx
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