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ood news at last!

Hey biddies

No, I'm not pregnant yet, its sort of on hold as we have had a few problems with stresses of work, living with inlaws etc and are mega busy with moving house. That's my news!!!
We have been with inlaws (from hell) for 6 months and have been waiting for our house for 4 months. Had loads of probs with survey, solicitors, mortgage company and current owner,

So this weekend, we will be moving and I really can't wait. And then we can try for another baby asap!!

James is 18mths today and is such a grown up. He is running everywhere, climbing and jumping loads. He fellout the cot this morning which was really scarey and quite a big drop. So, no way am I even considering a bed for at least another 5 years.

James is still loving his grub and not refusing anything yet. He still eats seconds of everything and is huge, both height and size. He is very muscular already and when he has a tantrum its impossible to restrain him in any way. He is very forceful and we are trying to discipline him a bit now also. He is obsessed with animals and does sounds for almost evry animal we can think off. He can say ball and bus and bye bye so for us, its good progress. He loves books and is always sitting down somewhere with his head in a book.

James loves nursery but I have heard he is a bit of a loner in that he likes to be on his own quite a bit. Is that normal for our little ones?

been reading up on all the news,so will post more and reply more once moved. (still got to sort internet connections!)



  • Yay for some space of your own. Much more opportunity for BD'g, I would guess!!
  • Congrats on the move. I'm probably spending this weekend packing. My lounge already looks like a warehouse - my main worry is that Abby is going to climb up them and have one fall on top of her.

    I wouldn't worry about James being a loner. They are all different. Abby generally is up to all sorts at nursery but a couple of times I've arrived and she is sat right in the middle of everything reading a book. She has quiet time when she wants it. I'm hoping that means she will be able to shut out distractions when she needs to.

    I love the animal sounds. My favourite of Abby's is for a pig - she doesn't say "oink", she grunts.

    Anyway glad it's all going ok for you and happy "conceiving" for next week - hee hee!

    H xx
  • Great news on the move Sharon! You can escape at last LOL!!

    Skye can be a bit of a loner too, but I think it's because she just can't keep still in one place for more than about 3 seconds!

    And how exciitng that you can now finally start TTC no 2, yay! Good luck with it all this weekend x
  • yay great news on all counts, get unpacking asap so you can bd
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