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cot v bed

dd is now almost 20 months (how did that happen???) and still happily sleeping in her cotbed with the sides still on. she crashes into the bars some nights and wakes herself up but other than that has been ok.

my mum had her in my house today while i was in work and said that when she went to get her for breakfast this morning she was standing in the cot with her foot up over the side of the bars. she said if she had shifted her weight forward she would have been out over the top.

would you take the bars off now incase or leave them on for longer until she is climbing out?? i know she has no sense and sees no danger so if she can she will just go for it.

also what about side guards? i know that one day i will need to take them away but will you be using them for a little while at least?? her cot is in the middle of the room with the head against the wall so would need 2 bed guards.


  • hey, we are in the exact same predicament at the mo, but josh actually did manage to get out of the bed and crash landed on the floor! thankfully he was fine and was up running about again like nothing had happened...
    I think we might have to lower one side of the cot so it is like a sideguard and then put a stairgate across his door so that he can get out more easily so that he doesnt feel the need to try jumping out again. Might stick a mattress on the floor next to his bed aswell (atm its a big pile of cushions since he fell on monday) so that if he does go skydiving again he wont hurt himself, fingers crossed!

    I really didnt think we would be having this problem for awhile and imagined josh being in his cot at least till he was 2...

    Would love to hear if anyone else is at a similair stage and what youre planning to do.
    I really dont think im ready to put him in a big bed yet, itll feel like hes all grown up!
    (Plus i think hell just cause havoc and not sleep and just get out of bed all the time image )
  • We've been using a bed rather than a cotbed for about 3 months now, and it's great. I would probably go with removing the sides and then see what happens for a week or so. I really debated about getting a bed guard as C moved around a lot, but struggled to find one suitable as he does have a fairly cheapish mattress which is too thin for most cotbeds, or the cotbed is too narrow.
    In the end we found he didn't need a side guard as he's absolutely fine 99% of the time without them. He's only fallen out of bed 3 times, and twice has been due to extreme restlessness when he's been teething.

    It's really not far for them to 'fall' if they are in a cotbed - they are more likely to cause themselves a mischief climbing over the bedrails when they want to get out of bed!

    P.S. We used a ready bed for the first time at the weekend and it was great. Didn't have any issues with C getting used to it and it was great to use. Highly recommended from my point of view. image
  • thanks for that Leigh really interesting to read how well he has made the move.

    hoping to hold off for a couple more weeks until the start of the summer holidays then we will make the move. i would much rather do it during this time as i will be off so it will not matter if i am up the whole night as i wont have to go to work. only 3 and bit weeks left.
  • Lily (who STILL cannot/won't roll over or walk image ) has been in her toddler bed for just over a week now. Not only will Maddie need the cot soon, we decided it was prob better to make the move whilst it didn't occur to her to try and get out of it. She cried for 5 mins the first night (unheard of for her at bedtime) but has gone down without a murmur ever since. We don't have a bed guard, and haven't had any falling out incidents - she seems to move a lot less than when she was in her cot (perhaps instinct stops her falling out?)

    I can't even imagine what it would be like to make the move with a full-blown walking toddler! Good luck Karen.
  • Just a quick reply, James is 18months old and fell out the cot yesterday morning for the first time. The cot was on the second from last setting and has obviously now been put to bottom setting.
    But judging from his climbing/no fear exploits, he will be attempting another escape before long.
    With moving house at the weekend, I think we will put off taking a side away from the cot and putting up a half rail.
    We will be defo putting up stairgate at his door however.

  • Isaac is still in his cot bed at the lowest level and as he is in his sleeping bag still at night hasn't attempted to climb out yet! I'm planning on keeping him there for a while yet as he sleeps well and has heaps of space. I know that if I took the sides off he would be out all the time trying to play and resisting sleep!! The freedom would be far too exciting!

    When we do eventually take them off, I will probably put a guard up for a while just to keep him penned in. :lol: His cousins had bed guards and never worked out that they could climb over or round them- lol. Also a stair gate on his bedroom door a definite as otherwise he would be in and out of our bedroom all the time. :roll:

    I just know he will be a little monster when we put him in a bed!!

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