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6 month birthday celebrations!

I know this is totally mad but has anybody done anything or is planning to do something to celebrate their LO's 6 month birthdays? It just so happens my DH has a few days off work next week when it is Issy's 6mth birthday, i was wondering if we should do something special for the day or i am just being silly? It just seems like a big milestone to me! She is no longer my tiny newborn baby!!


  • Our's was yesterday and we didn't do much as it had been a busy weekend. I mainly just made sure that I took some video and plenty of photos, (including his growth comparison ones) for the records. If dh had been around, or I was meeting up with the girls I might have made a cake as a treat or something like that. We've got a few celebrations coming up with birthdays and fathers day so don't want to do too much!
  • Hey I have never heard anyone celebrating 6 months birthday. But if you are thinking of doing any such activity, I am sure it will be a really exciting event for everyone. Enjoy!

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