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Birthday/Christmas present ideas

Following on from the Birthday date thread, thought it might be helpful to start a present ideas thread for extra inspiration.

Saw this ramps/cars thing from the little people range in argos today:|category_root|Toys+and+games|14417629.htm

It's also 3 for 2 time there until the 28th, so a great time to buy from them as it applies to any toy.

Also debating on little role play stuff like a tea set (tesco do them for ??????5) and a shopping trolley as he can load his toys into it and run around with it.

Any other ideas????


  • Yes i'm a bit stuck for present ideas! Ruby doesn't really "need" anything and i don't want to get her too much and her bday is only 5 days after xmas so its a bit close!
    I had also thought of the shopping trolley idea cos Ruby loves pushing toys around in a little buggy. i saw one half price in morrisons ??????7.50 the other week and i didnt bloomin buy it, now its gone!
    i'm not sure about art and craft stuff yet? Ruby doesnt seem interested at all and just throws play dough around!
    will look forward to seeing some ideas on this thread!
    I have got loads of happyland stuff from ELC so maybe i could add to that as she does play with those.
  • Thanks for the heads up on the 3 for 2 Kristin, will head up there on Monday and get a few bits.

    I think we're going to get Rachel some Happyland bits as they look really good. I was looking at this yesterday, , which I think we'll get for her as her old ride-on toy is looking a little beaten-up now, and this one folds up to store and take out, so it's easy to take up to the park for her.

    I also want to get her some little bits and pieces for cooking with me as she loves making little cakes and pizzas, and of course there's going to be books, a few I loved when I was little like Owl Babies, The Tiger Who Came To Tea etc. I don't want to go overboard though as it'll be our first birthday/Christmas living down here with the family instead of in Notts, so she'll probably end up spoiled by them.

    Hananh xx
  • I've had lots if ideas for Lily but hardly any for Maddie, who has everything she could ever want/need from when Lily was her age! One thing she doesn't have is a wooden abacus so I think that's what we'll get her.

    Anyway, Lily - we're not getting her all this, just telling family so we can get it between us, but ideas are:

    - dressing gown
    - flash cards
    - ELC dolls' house
    - furniture & dolls for dolls' house
    - dolly & buggy
    - Lego
    - backpack
    - bubble machine
    - Aquadraw
    - hair clips etc (yours all prob have loads of these already but Lily is only just getting hair you can do anything with!)

    Also wanted to share these two sites with you, I've ordered stationery, diaries and calenders for family and mummy friends from them:
  • Skye's birthday pressies from us are:-

    -Teletubby Po matching game (changed my mind, she's having Happyland for Xmas!)
    -some more grown up books
    -Fifi Pjs
    -Fifi camera
    -magnetic wooden letters
    -cookie cutters for her Playdoh

    She's also getting a table and chair set, a ladybird fold up Scuttlebug (similar to the one you're looking at Hannah), loads of Duplo (number set and zoo set) , threading beads and clothes.

    We have a shopping trolley and dolls buggy already, handed down, and they are fab toys!

    For Xmas she has a footie pop-up goal and Happyland double decker bus so far from us-so not a girlie girl! :lol: She also has from the family a swing seat that does them from age 6 months to grown up, a big apple sandpit, and a Little Life backpack (with rein!!!).

    I'm finding it a difficult age to buy for too, most toys too babyish and lots too small and grown up?

    I do know that we will be getting her a trampoline for next year's birthday though, a very early pressie in the summer, as she just adores bouncing and anything that wears her out is fab by me!:lol:

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  • Like Skye Abby is hardly a girly girl so her pressies will vary across both sexes. On her list are:

    - a kitchen (she loves these when she sees one in a shop)
    - cars/lorries and garage stuff (she loves lorries and trains atm)
    - doll and cot (since Charlie was born she's obsessed)
    - a climbing frame (now we have a lovely new garden)
    - bed clothes etc for her new room

    H xx
  • Oooh loads of good ideas here. We have most of Isaac's presents already bought in sales throughout the year. Need some ideas for stocking fillers though. We have:

    -box of lego
    -Happyland fair/garage (although he's not really 'into' it yet!)
    -Mr Potato Head (he will love this!:lolimage
    -Crayola - Colour me a Song
    -Art Easel
    -Step 2 Kitchen (main christmas pressie,Tesco double up points came in handy!)
    -Little Tikes Cosy Coupe (main birthday pressie)

    This is split between birthday and Christmas. Will get some books, games/puzzles for stocking.

    For family we will suggest a wooden train set, table and chair set, and some food/accessories for the kitchen.

    Tea set is a good one, it's definitely one of Isaac's most played with toys. We have a scuttlebug Iz, and it is soooo fab, we've even taken it away on our hols (in this country!)

    Another good suggestion is the Wow toys, very well made and affordable vehicle toys, from 1.5 years +. You can buy them off amazon.

    Isaac is obsessed with vehicles Leigh, he spends ages pointing them out making the noises and loves vehicle books! One of his faves books is 'Things that Go!' he would spend all day looking at this.

    Usbourne have a great collection of Lift and Look vehicle books. We have Tractors another fave.

    Anyone got any ideas for little stocking fillers?

  • Definitely suggest Play Doh for stocking fillers if you don't have already? Skye will barely leave hers alone! Sticker books - if you have a Poundworld/store near you they have loads for ??????1!! Flash cards?
  • ive been buying birs and pieces for issy for a while, just got a few more bits to get!
    so far
    - doll, pram, high chair, car seat, accesories!!! (so she can look after her baby when we have a new baby!)
    - too many books!!
    - art easle, paint brushes and new paints
    - leather big girls chair for the lounge
    - colouring books
    - big box of duplo
    - magnetic letters
    - loads of winter clothes!
    - happy land zoo and princess castle
    -she already has a shopping trolly, so we have got plastic fruit and veg and a till to go with it

    These are for x mas and bday just have to decide which is for which, but with less than a week between it doesnt make much difference!!
  • Wow! You lot are so organised. So will defo keep an eye on this thread and pinch all the ideas!

    Kristin - love the little people garage from Argos. James will love it.
    All I have is a new Thomas plate, bowl and cup with attached straw and some Thomas t-shirts (one of them is James!)

    With birthday only 3 days before xmas, I will just split the pressies between the 2 days. Unfortunately I have a hubbie and inlaws who disagree with loads of pressies and think everything plastic is bad!

    James is really into cars and trains and also his books. He likes painting and drawing also. Thinking of going down the toy teas set also as he loves playing with these at playgroup.

    I think we should also keep an eye on what deals are on at the shops/supermarkets and let everyone know. 3 for 2's are a godsend, especially Boots last xmas, got James loads!!
  • oh great thread! some great ideas, and also confirming what i'd already thought about getting!

    theo loves mickey mouse so gonna get some bits from the disney store. i've been in to look a few times and they have a good mickey mouse till, shopping trolly & tea set which aren't too expensive (for the disney store!) so think i'm gonna get him then. also mr potatoe head.

    i want to get him painting stuff as he loves drawing and his chalk board (and has started recently pointing to his scribbles and telling me they are a fish or sheep or flower or whatever it is he thinks he's drawn!!! ha ha!) so want to try him with paint next, so that'll be a fun present.

    theo loves the few animal figures we got from the elc so think we'll get a few more (the baby yougarts we bought recently have a 20% off voucher with them so will need to look when that runs out and get shopping soon - maybe tomorrow so can get to argos before that sale runs out, thanks for letting us know kristin!)

    from argos i think i'll get him this game that blows air and pushes balls in the air, one of his friends has got it and when we go to there house he adores it! theo's not that into cars yet, it's still all about the ball!!!

    happy shopping everyone! k x

  • Don't forget jigsaw's too. They are great. Got C quite a few from car boots already so he won't get any for xmas, but great for an extra small pressie.

    Had to get my mum to get the argos stuff as the wheelies thing was out of stock everywhere within 15 miles of here!

    There's some great ideas here.
    The aquadraws are good. We got one for holiday (at least it's easier if he started drawing on the walls if we weren't looking!). He's not quite so interested in it as standard crayons but I think it will come into it's own in the next couple of months.
  • Boots are doing the 3 for 2 now, I have bought Skye's bus, matching game and my nephew's pressies from there, fab! And like you say Kristen, Argos seem to be sold out of loads already with their 3 for 2, rubbish!

    I picked up a little wooden track and train set from Ikea the other week for ??????6.99 - it's figure of 8 track with a bridge and the train stays together with magnets and has 3 carriages, fab value! Forgot I had bought it already!
  • I'm bumping this up as I've thought of a couple of other things plus am needing some more ideas. I've decided to put our list on facebook so that others can look at it too. :\) This is what I've put so far ...

    Mummy says I have to say "please".

    Please may I have...

    - a new dressing gown and slippers
    - a special clock that tells me when it's morning (eg so I don't get up too early
    - first reading books
    - a duvet for my first "big girl" bed
    - bedclothes for my new "African savannah" room
    - a special bookcase for my books like those you get in libraries (similar to but smaller)
    - stickers and more stickers
    - comfy child's chair or beanbag
    - magnetic letters etc for the fridge
    - easel/chalkboard
    - aprons for cooking/painting
    - garage for cars etc
    - farmyard or zoo for animals
    - cot for dolly
    - climbing frame

    love Abby xx

  • We seem to have managed to add a garage (half price in the Sainsburys toy sale at ??????10!!!), Duplo and paints and paint sponges to the Xmas loot now...I can't help myself, bad Mummy!!

    Skye has a Duplo zoo coming Abby, another bargain in the Boots sale when they were selling toys at 75% off in the summer, so it was ??????7.50, serious WOW!!

    And Skye will be very jealous if you get a climbing frame :lol:

    I just seem to keep adding books to the present pile too, got a lovely Peppa Pig one with 18 sounds from the Book People at work this week.

    Play Doh is still a massive hit with Skye so have picked up a few stampers and more tubs for her of this.

    Proper large piece jigsaws are getting popular with her too so may ask the family for some of those. And like the idea of flash cards so could ask for these too!

    She loved the threading beads she got for her birthday if anyone needs any ideas!

    And vehicle-wise she was also given a Roary racing car which talks when you press the cap down, she will not go anywhere without it - Boots are doing them still and Sainsbury's...may be one for the boys? x
  • And dressing up stuff is getting the thumbs up with Skye too : ) She loves hats and has a witch outift from the post Halloween sale which was ??????2!!! I'm sure they'll get into dressing up more over the next year so great to have some outifts and hats to go!
  • between family dd had the following for her birthday and yes she was spoilt image i can recommend all these

    all from happyland
    windmill farm
    cherry lane cottage
    they all come with little figures and furniture
    she also had things like books, a brolly, some clothes

    for christams she is getting again from happy land
    sherwood castle
    pirate ship
    martian house
    waterflutes for the bath
    cars with transporter truck (2 for ??????20 in asda)
    threading cotton reels
    crafty stuff
    doll and buggy

    like skye and abby, dd is not a girlie girl except when it comes to kissing the boys image so will be having a mix of 'girl' toys and 'boy' toys

  • Lily's Auntie is buying her a Groclock for Christmas - I think she'll be able to understand about staying in bed until the sun comes out quite soon.
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