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catching up

Hi all

Been a while since I posted a new topic. can't believe how many of you are now expecting another one. I so wish I was joining you but it would just be stupid for us at the moment. Think we'll be waiting until C is at least 2, then hopefully we won't need a double buggy, and hopefully we'll be a little better off financially if DH has got a better job by then.

Anyhoo, I might get a bit more time this week to post longer responses as Ciaran's got chicken pox. :\( In some ways it couldn't have come at a worse time as I've got loads of stuff to do at work, and DH has a lot of project meetings he can't get out of either, but that's the way it goes. At least I can do some work from home to cover the core bits I don't really want to hand on elsewhere. Thankfully C doesn't seem to bad in himself. He did wake during the night but it could have been a lot worse, and I suspect we'll have more night wakings to come as he starts to get itchy. At first it just looked like bad nappy rash then got worse. We wondered why he was so amenable when we were shopping in leicester yesterday! :roll:

Time for a trip out later for some camomile lotion. Think I'm going to be really sice of the INTG books he's got by the end of the week as we have to read them each about 5 times per day!!! Only bright side is one of his friend's also has the pox so we can at least meet up and give them some company during the week.

While we were shopping yesterday we took C to have his feet measured in Clarkes and get some suggestions for summer slipper type shoes as Robeez type soft leather bottoms are great for going outside, so thought that lightweight proper slippers would be good as we won't have to keep changing them every time we want to go into the garden for 30 mins or so. He's been measured as a 5H now (having gone up from a 5G just 2 weeks ago) image but when we tried on shoes it got really silly. The doodles shoes seemed the best fo what we want but they only do those in F & G fittings so tried a 5.5G and that still wouldn't do up so ended up with a 6G!!!!!! imageimageimage Even more surprising is that it fits really well and they isn't thatmuch space in the length. Anyone elses LO got big feet??????

Good to see what eveyone else is doing. Must admit that I forgot to do a diary this week so I'll maybe try today, or do one day next week.

BTW - any ideas what to give one of C's carers at nursery? She's leaving and I'd like to get a little something for her as she's been really great with C and I will miss her once she's gone. Don't want to spend much but short on ideas other than the usual boring toiletries, choc and wine.


  • Only just seen this, k. Sooo behind! How is the little mite? We thought J had the pox too but was just some random Cpox lookalike rash that went away next day & never spread. Lots of her mates had had it so I was sure that was it & was kinda relieved as worried she could have it when we are travelling! Anyways, sounds like C hasn't had such an awful dose (or has it got worse?)
  • Ciaran's been a bit worse today - he seems to have ear ache, and he hasn't had a proper nap today at all. Splashed out ??1 to get the kids tv channels for a month so that's helping to keep him amused a bit. He's totally lost his appititetoday and is even refusing my home made cake. Thankfully have managed to get milk, some grapes and banana and some custard down him. Not worried about his eating as he generally eats for england and can easily afford to lose a pound or two - he's already looking thinner in the face.

    Most frustrating thing is he's decided that he doesn't want his nappy on this afternoon so he took it off about 8 times before I finally gave in and got a pair of easypants that I've been keeping in reserve. I think part of it is easing off the itching from the spots as he has a lot around his legs and bum.
    I'm thankfully that he does still seem to have it fairly mildly.
    Just need to chill about work and not getting stuff done and we'll hopefully be able to get through the week with minimal trauma.
  • Good to see an update from you K, and sorry to read that he's not any better. Are you going stir crazy or are you coping ok?
  • Well it's been an interesting evening. C FINALLY had his only nap of the day at 5.45 when I should have been getting dinner ready! As soon as we moved him to DH's lap he woke up and just kicked off, nothing would calm him. He did settle a bit for some pasta which he thankfully ate but then went into hyper mode for ages. He refused to go to sleep and only managed to get him sleep in the end by lying on our bed with him for over 30 mins with him hitting and fighting us so we'd let go enough so he could wander off every 5 mins.

    Finally managed to sort out the work I needed to do at 9pm! :roll: Not impressed but one of those things. At least I can do the odd bits of work which means I don't have to take as much holiday to cover being off.

    I think we're getting into the worst of it now as he seems to be starting to itch, acts like he's got ear ache and headache, and with not getting a good daytime nap is getting him down too.

    On the upside he did want quite a few cuddles today which hasn't happened in a while image . I'm not finding it too bad as we were out Saturday and did take a sneaky tripout on Sunday. Also had to go to the post office today so covered up all the spots for a brisk walk.

    It feels very strange looking after C for so many days in a row - it rather harks back to the days of being at home all the time with him, though worse as we're not doing our usual meet ups with others - Although I'd love to be a sahm I'm not 100% sure I could do it anymore as C is such a full on child. Compared to his friends he's always on the go, getting into everything, running around, trying to upturn toys or have books read to him. I love him dearly and I know that if I was with him all the time I'd try and find a lot of things to do, but I'm pretty sure I'd find it quite difficult now as he is so full on (even when he is ill!!!).
  • Bless him, Kristin, you sound like you're having a tiring week of it - fingers crossed that yesterday was the worst of it and it starts to ease up for you both today.

    Hannah xx
  • Really hoper hes better hoping the twins dont gwt it any time soon as i havent had it had shingles but not the pox! They may be lucky like mummy hopefully! They dont go to daycare or anything so can only catch it from like story tots or water babies lol! Hope your coping allright and hes on the mend soon hun for both your sakes image xxx
  • How's C today Kristen? Is he napping any better yet?? Are there still fresh spots coming up?

    I'm dreading the pox, we got away with our last brush with it but I'm sure we won't be so lucky next time!

    Why is it these toddlers just won't slow down even when they are ill?! Skye's just the same, no matter how rough she is, she won't stop for anything!! And I'm so with you on the SAHM thing, 3 week days is enough SAHM stuff, I couldn't entertain Skye for any longer than this, she's too full on too!

    How are you managing to fit work around everything?

    Skye's feet went straight from a 3G to a 4G last time we got new shoes, 3 weeks ago. But she has small feet rather than big ones, making it tough to get shoes as there's not so much choice in small sizes. And she has a high instep so can only wear t bar styles!!

    Wishing Ciaran better soon as x
  • The spots are clearing up slowly. I think we're down to just 2 or 3 of the blister spots now. Once they crust over we can count down the hrs until he's considered clear.

    Thankfully Tuesday was his worst night/day. Since then he's been pretty good with getting sleep overnight and a reasonable nap during the day. Overall he's really not been too bad and has remained fairly jolly for most of the time. Fitting work in has been rather difficult but I've done what I can. Thankfully there's been some stuff I can do in the evening, and the rest of the time I've tended to have webmail open so I can see what's coming in and then deal with it when he gives me time - so far it's worked well, and I'll make up some more over the next few evenings as I've got a big chunk of work to do for Monday that can be done as and when he's asleep or dh is looking after him. I think I'll have to take about 2 days holiday out of the 4 I'm at home with him. Thankfully today's been easier as it's Andy's day off anyway so I got 3.5hrs done this morning without being interrupted which was very helpful.

    I think we've been really lucky with the pox as it hasn't got him down a lot (apart from Tuesday). Generally he's just spotty and seems like he's itching a bit - it could be a lot worse, and one of his friends that's also suffering at the moment is having a terrible time with other symptoms yet has been lucky in only getting around 11 spots! I'm just hoping that everything scabs over by tomorrow with nothing fresh, that way we've got 72hrs before he's back in nursery so that should be OK. - that gives us 24 hrs extra leeway as most nuseries tend to be more generous with their enforced exclusion time than the general guidelines!
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