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please help me - feeding

hi ladies
hope you and LO are all doing well. i haven't been on here for months as been on wedding site planning wedding in 9 weeks time.
anyway - i am having terrible trouble getting ioan to feed. all he eats these days is toast and cereal. i've made loads of other dishes for him but he will not eat or even try anything. i now just don't know what to do. tonight is the first time i've given him pasta bake, he's not eaten it so i haven't given him anything else. it's the first time i've felt like a useless mother as i can't get my child to eat.

all my other friends with babies seem to have a perfect routine where their LO s are eating full roast dinners, fish dishes, meat dishes - this is only what i can dream of at the mo.

if anyone has any suggestions i would be sooooo grateful as i am at my wits end and don't know what to do!



  • Is it just a new thing and could he be teething Emma?

    Skye has been just awful on the feeding front since she started to have trouble cutting her canine teeth about a month ago. We have had to resort to fruit and veg purees on a lot of occasions, as she really doesn't want to chew anything :roll:

    We used to have great eating with small chunks of chicken, meat, fish, sarnies, pasta etc, but the list has shrunk and she's happiest on mushy type food such as cottage pie, fish pie and soft fishcakes, and on occasion 2 puddings if she really won't chew image

    I am hoping when these nasty teeth are through that she will go back to normal eating. I'm just going with the flow for now tbh and know that she wouldn't do this for no good reason!

    I'm not full of any ideas sadly, but wanted you to know that you're not alone :\)
  • I think fussy eating is part of having a toddler but some of us have had more issues than others and I don't think there's an easy answer. The last few threads we've had are:

    For any fussy eater I could only give a few key points:
    1) As much as possible eat as a family. Abby usually eats well but refuses meat - unless she is with others eating meat and then it goes down fine. :roll:
    2) Don't put too much on his plate. If necessary bring his food in on one plate and put a couple of teaspoons on another in front of him.
    3) Let him help prepare the food. Abby makes her own porridge and scrambled egg now and gets so excited about it.
    4) Cut out all snacks between meals (including milk) so he comes to the table hungry.
    5) Don't worry! As you get stressed so will he. Does he eat better when with his grandparents or at nursery?

    Good luck with this. Fussy eating can get the best of us down.

    H xx
  • Wannabemummy I want u to know I no how u are feeling, if u haven't been on for ages then u won't have seen my endless posts about food!! And ivan honestly say maddox is the fussiest eater ever I've had months of he'll with him... Has he been I'll recently? Cos I've put maddoxs down to last illness was gastroenteriltis and I've read that after an illness it can trigger a fear of food as they link it to being sick! Also teething may be the case, maddox has huge big back ones thru?! I felt like all I ever say is oooh he's teething!! but he only eats stuff like toast, crumpets, cereal, crisps, sArnies with only chive phili or jam on if anythin else he goes nuts, but he's does like fruit and yogs, I've tried so mNy different things that end up on the floor I've been in tears cos he won't eat he doesn't eat pasta veg meat nothin but ul just have to persivere and give him wat he wants but keep trying. Randomly maddox started eating for one week them went back to normal?! That week was bliss! I feel like a bad mum for not being able to feed him and I felt it hard to know whether I font give him anythin after and see him go hungry, or give in to him and think oh then he will no that screaming will get him toast and wat he wants! Xx
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