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BA but not all good news. :(

Just to give you all a quick update:

Charlie was born at 11:17pm on Sunday weighing a hefty 9lb 10oz (3lbs bigger than Abby!!). He latched on and fed well almost immediately and then settled down to sleep happily.

During the morning I tried unsuccessfully to wake him for a feed and about 2pm told the midwifes of my concerns. His blood sugar was dangerously low and he started convulsing and was rushed to SCBU.

Basically the last 2 days have been a juggle of drugs, sugar drips and blood tests. His sugars are now stable but he is very vulnerable. His doctors and nurses here are fantastic (the same team who worked on Abby after her birth) and are in contact with specialists at Great Ormond Street as we don't know exactly what is wrong with him. Luckily my biological backgroound helps understand some of what they are on about.

Anyway we don't really know the rpognosis or how long he will be in SCBU. I'm also desperate to spend some quality time wiith Abby so am torn between staying here and being able to sit for hours in SCBU and leaving to be with my daughter and seeing less of Charlie. :cry:

In will update you all when we know some more but thank you for all your support,
H xx


  • Oh H what a tough and emotional time for you all. Congratulations on little (?) Charlie however image It's fantastic you have a good medical team on board and that they got him out when they did, I'm sure it is hard at this stage to pinpoint the problem but they will eliminate and get there.
    My heart goes out to you with the worry about Charlie as well as being torn regarding time, all I can suggest is to do what you feel is right and know we're all praying for you x
  • Congratulations on charlie, and what a good size!
    It sounds like you have the best medical team looking after you and charlie and hopefully they will find out whats going on soon.
    I guess you were lucky you didnt have the homebirth after all and you were right where you needed to be when charlie needed to go to scbu.
    Big hugs to you and your family xx
  • Oh H, I am so sorry to hear of the traumatic events that have happened since baby Charlie's arrival :\( I can only begin to imagine the panic you must have had when he wouldn't wake...

    But on the plus side I am so glad to hear that he and you are in fab hands with the medical team, and that they have GOSH to call on for help. I hope they get to the bottom of the issues very soon for him - I know all too well that SCBU is a very strange and emotional place to be.

    I guess you need to go with your heart at the current time, and wherever it tells you that you need to be.

    Thinking lots of you and your family

    Iz & Skye xxx
  • Congratulations H and big hugs and kisses for Charlie.
    Sounds like it hasn't been so great since. I hope he improves enough soon so he can come home.
    Go where you want to be. Both of them will understand.

    Love to you all and we'll be thinking of you.
    K & C.
  • Oh H, i'm so pleased he's here, a little brother for Abby. \sending positive thoughts to you; i know you have been there before with Abby and you're a sensible, intelligent lady but with tiredeness and hormones it must feel like you're being pulled in all directions. hope to hear positive progress report soon, take good care of yourselves xxxx
  • Aw Helen, I'm so sorry to hear that Charlie has not been well & that you're all having ever so much to cope with, at this time. I'll say special prayers for the wee man. All our love to you all & our best, best wishes for a speedy prognosis so you can know some more about what you're dealing with here. The best are at work now and I'm pleased you feel comfortable with the medical team. All my love & prayers xxxx
  • Congrats H on Charlie hes a good weight image A welcome addition to the Biddie family a lovely brother for Abby image I can empathise with your situ atm having one at home and one in hosp and theres lil i can say about it you feel guilty wherever you are until you have them both together! However if you know that charlie is in good hands try n see Abby as she may get scared to suddenly have mummy at the hosp but im sure that you are doing the best you can and she isnt missing out on anything! I can only imagine how scary it was to not be able to wake him and i hope the dcs have some positive news for you soon keep us updated where you can hun and congrats to the whole family image xxxx
  • Congratulations on Charlie, and sorry to hear that it has not been plain sailing since! Sending big hugs,hope they sort him out soon,sounds like your in a good place and have a great medical team, my heart goes out to you, you must feel so divided between charlie and abbey image I cannot imagine what you are going through because the thught of me being without issy for one night is enough to makeme cry! Take care hon and update us soon xx
  • Lots and lots of love xx
  • Many congrats on the late arrival of Charlie. And what a whopper!!
    Heart goes out to all of you at this nervous time. But as previously mentioned, at least you have the best medical care around you at this very important time.
    I'm sure it must be hard trying to be a mummy to both of your children, but things will work out.

    Sharon n James
  • Congratulations on the birth of Charlie. Lovely for Abby to have a little brother! Sorry to hear things haven't gone so smoothly since his birth. Sending love and hugs. Hope that they get to the bottom of it soon and I am sure he is in safe hands in their care. Keep us posted. xxxx
  • Oh Helen, congratulations on the birth of your little boy, and I'm so sorry that this precious time isn't going as smoothly for you as it should do. Thank goodness your consultant was sharp enough to get Charlie out early, he's clearly getting superb care.

    Hope you're managing to get some rest amidst all the worry and that Charlie begins to thrive. Lots of love to you and your family, Hannah xx
  • conratulations on charlie's birth. big hugs coming your way. like posy says we understand all to well what scbu is like so anytime you feel like a chat or a moan or a rant about silly doctors, you know we are here for you.
  • hugest congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!

    we are so happy for you! i was totally wrong i thought you'd have another girl!

    hope you get to take him home very soon and can be with both of your babies together.

    lots of love xxx
  • Congratulations and welcome to wee Charlie! Hope he is doing well and keeping fingers crossed that he will be home soon with you all xx
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