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Tattoo! :)

hey girlies!

am havin my next tattoo tomorrow, Maddoxs name down my inner arm by my wrist goin down : ) in really nice script writing am dead excited will post a piccie when it done wish me luck hehe : ) xx


  • Good Luck hope it all goes well. How many have you got?

    funny that i had mine done on friday.

  • Oh good luck!

    You're both braver ladies than me, I couldn't bear the thought of having a tattoo done!! I would be squirming every where and it would be ruined!!

    Maille - Where on your body have you had yours done?

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  • It doesnt hurt to much more uncomfortable i would say. Mine is on my lower back left hand side above my not near my spine. ... couldnt do that.
  • Hey Pinklady

    How did it go? Hope it didnt hurt to much

  • I love tattoos (have 8) but hubby hates them thanks to a botched homemade one when he was 15 lol So he won't let me get any more though might get a wee sneaky one with Lorelei's dob.
    Maille, out of curiousity why the shamrocks/tricolours?
  • Ooo a name? I'd an ex who got my name at age of 18 but covered it with a seperant! Couldn't help but be a wee bit miffed even though broke up by then lol
    I have a dragon on my back which was done by a friend who was in training and looks more like a snake with feet- I hate it so thought about getting it covered up but cos of the shape and colour (green) the only things I think would work is either a bigger one or a christmas tree lol I told hubby was thinking of getting it done over with the tree and could get presents tattooed under it with his and lo's name on them. The more kids we have the more pressies can add. The eejit actually believed me!

  • Hi mummychop

    Wanted a irish theme to my tattoo. So thought that was quite good.

    sounds like you have a far few tattoos yourself. may be you could sneak another one in without him noticeing. lol

  • Ooh, I love tattoos! i've got two on my back along my spine, didn't hurt as much as I was expecting. Going to get three stars done after the wedding - one big one for Rachel, and two little ones for the angels we lost. Then I'll add another big star whenever the next baby comes along.

    Don't forget to post the pics when the redness goes down a bit!

    Hannah xx
  • oooh i love tattoos. Got two. Dying to get a juju themed one done! Hope it's gone well pinklady n can't wait to see it!

    Leigh -I also have an ex's initial tattooed in a wee heart near the nether can only imagine how much OH loves that!!!

    My ex & I stayed good mates for a long time & then he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease 3 yrs ago & died 6months later so it's special in a difft way & OH doesn't complain anymore...

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  • hey girls, thanks for all the posts!! mummychop that made me laugh so much, a christmas tree!! hehe! good idea with the prezzies hehe! ud be stuck if you wanted to put different colour decorations on it hehe!

    it all went brill, its my 2nd, got a tribal sun with yinyang in middle on lower back with bits of yellow i had that done bout 6 years ago still love it tho! was so funny i went first i always have to and i was fine, chattin away the pain doesnt really bother me id have loads think am gonna get addicted! and when phil went to have his (he has 7?!) he always goes white and blacks out for a min! so funny there was him with his head between his legs and me and maddox down the other end laughin at him!

    but he survived to tell the tale, even my tattooist said women have a higher pain threshold than men! mum didnt like it she said its too big she wanted me to have it really small on my wrist but i said when am older itl look just like a blob when it ages! but she loves the writin and thinks its very dainty : ) mums eh : )

    il post a photo in a sec just gotta get them on facebook xx

    Maddox and my two little pink stars! image


    phils tattoo, the red is blood, not colour!! its all shaded with white and black : )
  • Oooo I LOVE it! My addiction is being re-ignited (though not enough for the christmas tree hehe)
    Really is gorgeous- go you image
  • mummychop that really did tickle me and i told phil he was wettin himself snake with feet so funny! hehe il be laughin about the tree all night now! imagine on a beach in july and uve got a huge tree on ya back hehe!

    thanks hun glad u like it im still getting used to it! keeps catchin my eye and i keep thinkin oooh whats that! hehe x
  • Well it would definitely be original lol I love christmas but not sure that muchimage
    Was bit offended hubby believed me- he must think I'm a right eejit.
    I can't seem to upload pics here from my laptop or I'd post my snake with feet- maybe she though I wasn't rarr enough to carry off a dragon lol
  • Great artwork ladies!
    I have one real tattoo, a little half moon on my right butt cheek, very cheeky! It will be down by my knees by the time I'm 70 LOL!!! x
  • mummychop u gotta post the snake with feet!! : ) need to see! : ) still laughin bout it hehe : )
  • ooh you've just reignited my adiction to tattoos now! i love yours pinklady, the writing is dainty like you said.
    i've got a black and grey shaded sun at the top of my back and a gemini sign at the bottom and i love them, i still want more but thought i might be a bit old?? i'd like milly and ruby's dates of birth somewhere and so does dh, but he's scared of needles so thats never gonna happen! i'll get dh to take pics of mine and i'll post them!
  • millysmum, you shud deffo get one no such thing as too old! my other half is having maddoxs date of birth across his wrist in roman numerals i want another on my foot, am terrible when i have one i always start lookin for another straight away i get addicted! : ) thanks leigh glad u all think its nice! x
  • I've got three. A ladybird on my ankle, a panther on my shoulder and a celtic pattern on my belly which is now 3x the size it used to be - LOL!

    Would like to get an Abby-based one but will wait until the family is completed as I like Maille's one with all the names.

    H xx
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