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have any of you got sandles for your lo's for the nice weather? cant seem to find some that she can without socks to keep her feet cool as she has really sweaty feet all year but they are so stinky at the moment


  • We haven't but were thinking of getting some Clarks Doodle ones as they look nice and cool but supportive too. Al gets sweaty feet too - lovely!
  • We've got a couple of pair of doodle shoes - one as a slipper equivelant so he can wear them round the house but then run straight outside, and one pair are for more general going out when his feet grow a bit so they fit better.
    Another downside is that when they start kicking when wearing them it hurts an awful lot more than the ultra soft leather slippers he had before! image

    Biggest difficulty we found is that they only do them in F & G fittings so our little monster with around 5&1/4H feet has to have 6G's so they can be done up at all, and some of the designs come up bigger than others.
  • We've got Skye some sandals from eBay! As she's a 3.5G the sandals don't start until a size 4, but I found some Startrite ones brand new for ??18 (half price) in a 3.5 with velcro adjustable straps all round, and they are fab, just what's needed : ) She gets real sweaty feet too and Doodles don't start until a 4 either : (
  • we got some nice ones in NZ in feb when we were there but josh has almost grown out of them so well have to get some new ones soon, but we did get him noew shoes yesterday and he is a 6G!
    Hes going to take after his daddy with his huge feet :P
  • Lily has some pink jellies from Next for ??4 - not that she bloomin' walks but she is now pulling herself up and they are cute so I splashed out :lol:
  • I got some sweet ones from Mothercare. Abby is still only a size 3 so it's difficult to find her shoes but these are from their baby section. They're probably not that supportive but if she's walking anywhere long then she goes back in her trainers. The sandals are great for pottering about in the garden especially if she's playing with water. I will probably get her some proper walking sandals for France in the summer but she might just get up to a size 4!!

    H xx

    PS - When I saw the title I thought we were going to discuss couples-only holidays in the sun! Wishful thinking I suppose.
  • thanks for the tips girls. managed to get some in tesco for ??6. i know they are not as good as clarks or other proper shoes but as they are just for the garden and when we are out in the buggy they will do the job. if she is going to be 'walking' then she can go back into her clarks. her latest pair are a 4g so much more choice now
  • We got a pair of Clarks walking sandals off ebay for about ??3, like new. They have been fab for lots of walking on holiday. Wouldn't want to pay full price though as I can see him growing out of these soon! x
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