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Hi Biddies,

Isaac is 16 months now so thought he might be *ready* to do some drawing or to put it better scribbling!! Sat him down in is highchair with crayons and felt pens but he was still more interested in sucking the pens or biting the tips off the crayons. He did do a little scribbling eventually when I showed him what to do but this was only cos I egged him on with loads of clapping and fuss. He quickly wanted to get down and do something else more fun! Tried the aquadraw again too but still just not interested at all.

So just wondered if your los are into scribbling or aqua draws yet. Can't wait til he is interested in more arty activities although being a boy he may prefer rough and tumble! He does like to make a mess with paint though. Anyone attempted any messy play with their los? xx


  • hey, one of the groups we go to has been doing messy play outside the last few weeks now that the weather is nice to be outside (and prob easier for them to clean up than having messy play inside :P )
    Josh did sit down today and scribble all over some paper with lots of different coloured pencils and chalk so I might try to encourage it more at home now too. He did really enjoy today aswell a huge tub filled with water and dishwashing liquid filled with toy fish and they were given little nets to fish them out (v. cute!) I have never braved paint as oh and I are both clean freaks but Josh def loves playing in muddy puddles so I can see him enjoying paint but think ill leave that one a bit longer....
    Might have to invest in an aquadraw soon image

    Just an errant thought Josh is nearly 19 months tho so he may just be that lil bit older to have more patience for drawing etc
  • Abby has been scribbling etc for quite a while now. However she is at nursery 3 days a week so they get up to all sorts. I have just spent 30mins washing glue out of her hair. :roll:

    I would definitely recommend the aquadraw pads or books. They were definitely the easiest to get started with and it didn't matter if she missed the pad and got the floor instead. I now collect old envelopes and they sit in her toy box for when she wants them. She can then dig them out with the crayons.

    Pieces of advice:
    - Don't give pens - they get everywhere and don't come out!
    - Rum gets permanant marker off wooden furniture. image
    - Use paints in the garden.
    - Have clothes that you don't like for messy play.
    - Try to do it with other children - they show each other what to do.

    H xx

    PS - Abby doesn't do it for very long. She would much rather be running about. I'm afraid I leave messy play for nursery - then I don't have to clear it up.
  • Lorelei has been drawing for a while now too though what I've done is taped paper over a side table we have and have her crayons on it and she just goes over when she feels like and stands and draws. Table is protected, no mess and thankfully haven't had any artwork on the wall or carpet... yet lol
    I tried paints a few times but she just wiped her hands on herself and walked away so I actually think the pictures nursery send home 'from Lorelei' were really by another kid or the minders image
  • SKye's not the into her crayons as yet, she just likes to watch me drawing for her while she chews the ends off them like Isaac lol! But she has got quite into her Aquadraw set just this week. Again we have to draw piccies so she can identify things like flowers, bees, balls etc, and then she scribbles a bit on the pad, then on the floor (!) and then sucks the pen!! SHe loves to carry the set around though, it's the travel one so it folds up and has a handle, and she walks around feeling very proud of herself holding it!!

    And nope, wouldn't dare do any paint related stuff here inside, cream carpets and walls, so there's bound to be a disaster!!! She's quite happy with her water table and sand in the garden for now. x
  • What is it with sucking the aquadraw pens!! We don't do much messy play, as we go to messy play group some weeks. I don't mind him making a mess there so much! :lol: Must get round to doing a few more creative messy activities at home now we can get outside more!

    We have crayola washable felt tip pens he actually prefers them to crayons as he can make more of a mark. Scarey when it gets on his clothes but it does come out! xx
  • Ruby will scribble for a bit but bites chunks out of the crayons and the leads out of the pencils after a couple of mins! Its not her favourite thing to do!
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