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FAO Lizzie

Just checking that you are all ok. Can't remember which island you're on but the earhquake is all over our news as well.

H xx


  • Helen, just thought Id mention that unless theyre on holiday down that way they are in Marlborough which is right at the top of the south island so prob didnt feel the earthquake at all.
    My parents are in Nelson and didnt feel it either but one of my friends lives in christchurch and said everyones still in shock really, but thankfully there has been no fatalities.
  • i saw it too and hoped Lizzie was far enough away. so glad there were no fatalities, some of those houses looked awful, and the buckled railway lines!
  • thank goodness for that, first thing i thought of was liz and juju when i heard this morning
  • Been keeping a close eye on the news over the weekend. The pictures are very shocking but at least everyone is safe.

    At least Lizzie and JuJu are safe as far as we know.

  • I've totally missed the news today, but so glad it sounds like Lizzie and family should be okay! Off to check the news channels and see...
  • Hi! Yep, we are fine. We did feel the quake but I knew it was far from us as we only had very gentle swaying of the bed.

    My mum and dad were in Christchurch for the weekend though so they were right amongst the action. They're fine but mum found it all very frightening. Some of my family's homes are battered about (and possessions) but only material loss, thank the lord.

    Thanks for thinking of us. Mum n dad are back now so that's a relief. Glad I was here and could make contact more easily. Once phones & power were back on to them, it was a lot better. Getting clued up on emergency procedure now as they reckon that wasn't the big one NZ is overdue for :/
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