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Well issy has been throwing a few tantrums since she has been one! she used to throw her head back, then when she could walk she would stamp her feet, but oh my lord yesterday was the funniest thing ever! i wouldnt let her have something she wanted so she lay on the floor and kicked her feet!!!!! it lasted about ten seconds before she wanted picking up and cuddles, but it was so funny to see this little 16 month old having a huge tantrum!! thankfully it happened at home! cant wait for it to happen in the middle of asda im going to be one of those mums you give sympathetic smiles too lol anyone elses LO having full blown tantrums yet? or just my fiesty beast? x


  • hehe this morning I saw an 11 month old having a tantrum, I stopped next to the mum and we were chatting, I didnt want her to feel alone cos all the other people in the shop were just staring.

    Josh has just started at 18 months doing this, but thankfully only at home so far. He does scream if i take something off him in a shop that hes managed to swipe from in the pram but it usually only lasts a few seconds then hes forgotten about it.

    It annoys me how everyone just stares or makes a comment, dont they remember their kids doing the same?! I'm sure there is no toddler in this world that has never had a tantrum in public.
    Thankfully I can see the funny side in it and if anyone makes a comment I usually have a smart comeback :P
    (I am surprised by the sharpness of my post baby brain in this manner as it seems to fail me the rest of the time!!!)
  • No you're definitely not alone! Lorelei has been throwing teenager-style tantrums for a while now if she's not allowed something. The bottom lip juts out then she'll either bend over and put head to the ground then lie down crying like a star fish or she'll throw self on ground and kick her legs. I'm quite good at distracting her before she kicks off but sometimes it doesn't work. My response is to leave her to it for a minute then lift her and 'explain' such as, if she wants something I'll point and say No or yuk or ouch to get across there is a reason why she's not allowed.
    Only public tantrums she has is when I'm putting her in her buggy when she doesn't want to but I couldn't care less about people giving me looks, she's a baby and they do cy at times is my reasoning lol
    Laughed at your comment on sharpness Jess, I'm forever thinking 'ah what I should have said was...'
  • Count us in too, I definitely have one fiesty filly!

    We have rolling around on the floor screaming and tears sometimes, although Skye does seem to do it in quite a slow motion controlled way these days...almost as if she's waiting for my reaction when she does?!:roll:

    We do have public strops on occasion, mainly in Asda, because they have lots of balls in the toy department aisles there, and she wants them all!!!!!! image If she manages to get hold of one then we have major issues trying to put it back...oh the joys of parenthood!

    It's always nice if there's another mum having just as much fun as me when shopping!

    When we were in Sainsbury's the other week there was a boy screaming and rolling about in the grocery aisle, and he was probably about 4. At the end of my shop 45 minutes later he was still going for it just as much, and I did feel really sorry for the mum who was struggling to deal with him and another sibling. I guess that maybe he had underlying issues, my Dad suggested he might have been autistic, so I have worried far less about any public outbursts since. It sort of put it in persepective for me :\)
  • Abby has them all the time. They're at their worst when she's hungry or tired. I just walk away and come back after a minute and cuddle her. However if she's too hungry then she just back-flips out of my arms.
    My new tactic is to get her to look at me and then ask her to do something. Just getting her shoes or fetching my keys seems to knock it out of her and she feels useful long enough to try again.

    I have to say we usually don't have them in public but that's becasue she is an attention lover and gets constant smiles and chats when out and about so is distracted.

    H xx
  • glad its not just maddox with his tantrums then!! : )

    hes only just started really, but last few weeks theyve got regular, is it cos they are just learning to deal with their emotions? how do you get them out of it? i just say in a stern voice and tell him no and why like burny hot if its the fire at my dads etc, and he likes to bang the cupboards i just say no nicely and take him away and when he does tantrum he just sits there and does this loud noise hehe its so cute! i leave him to it for a min or two and he comes over to me for a cuddle! hope he grows out of it tho xx
  • My mum had maddox last night first time in ages, and think it's finally sunk in for her wat I've been saying re not eating xnd throwing a few Wobblies! : ) he refused his tea for her, and was craftily playing nannie and grandad off against each other! She was like ooohh if he doesn't want to do something like get changed he won't will he! Hehe loved the fact I could say told you so about ten times today! : )

    I'm similar to you Leigh, so stubborn I am deffo the tougher one out of me snd daddy! Daddies answer to everythin is give him wat he wants! I'm also living in hope that it's terrible twos early and once he learns then he will grow out of it....hhmm I can only hope! : ) x
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