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Hey everyone

Been reading lots but haven't been feeling very chipper so haven't posted much. Scan on Tuesday so will hopefully find out bit more about baby then and hoping all is well.

Few dramas with the house. Trying to get retrospective planning permission for knocked out wall and there's a possible issue so we're in the midst of bureaucracy dealing with local authority, building regulations and now probably a structural engineer. I am trying not to be worried but am of course concerned in case we lose our buyer. He raised this request about a week before we were due to exchange contracts despite having known since the week he made the offer (in early March!) that there has been an alteration and that planning permission was not obtained. Annnnyway, trying to stay calm but sometimes it gets a bit much, think because I'm feeling so sick all the time, my tolerance levels are not as good as usual!

Hope to report with good news on scan and house again soon.

Love to the BIDs xoxoxo


  • What a pain!
    I hope the sickness eases soon and cant wait to see the scan piccies!
    Hope all the house drama gets sorted quickly for you as its something you dont need to be stressing about when your pregnant!
    Hugs xx
  • Good luck with everything on Tuesday. We had our 20 week scan on Friday - all ok! I always get nervous when approaching a scan and feel much better once I've seen LO's heart beat.

    I'm sorry the house is being a pain. I wouldn't worry too much, Although this may delay the signing a bit, it is unlikely he will back out 2 months in as he must want a property. I really hope it works out for you. I know how nerve racking it all is.

    H xx
  • Hey Lizzie!
    What a bummer you're still feeling sick all the time, it must be be so wearing for you without all the extra stress of the house issues.

    Really hope your scan goes well tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. Looking forward to hearing some news as and when you can xxx
  • All is well. 12 weeks & baby seems AOK. really pleased x
  • Great news Lizzie! Do we get to see some piccies?? I know you're busy and feeling off, but pretty please?! xxx
  • Yay, glad all is going OK. xx
  • hey lizzie, so glad scan went well and all looks good. hope you are feeling better. how is everything going with the house? alis an architect so has dealt with retrospective planning, hopefully it'll all be straightforward but if there's anything you want me to ask him just say, take care xxx
  • Thx guys. Will try get photo on soon.

    Thx for offer, Kate. Gotto get final word from council today so may have some q's xxx
  • Delighted all went well with the scan- has your sickness eased any? I'm sure house stresses can't be helping any but as others have said, I'm sure will get sorted - buyer must want the house or wouldn't be asking for planning but what a pain he left it so long!
    Is this for you to move to NZ now? Sorry my heads a marble I think that's what your plan was?
  • Good to hear your scan went well! Look forward to seeing a few pics. Hope you're feeling a bit better now x
  • Ooh fantastic - glad the scan went well! x
  • So glad your scan went well Lizzie, what's your official due date then?

    Hannah xx
  • Hey Liz, so short of time for decent response, but have been following and thrilled all is ok with bebe. Keep updating (on everything, not just preg) :\)
  • so glad your scan went well Lizzie sorry to hear house sale is a pain, hope it gets sorted soon and you start to feel better too x
  • Hey y'all!
    Am writing this from my bed of all places...before I forget, iltheyce said they'll give us the retrospective planning permission without work needing re-doing so against all odds (they recalculated & got a 2nd opinion thx god!) that side of things is back on track. I, however, am not...

    Back started spasming on weekend but I've got back problems from my gymnastics days & am used to bad flare-ups. This one takes the cake though. I've been getting worse all weekend & in night, I was collapsing as legs could not hold me up (back seemedto be crumpling) so went to a &e where, of course, they won't xray ne & ca only give me codeine, send me home, tell me there's so miracle cure & to stay off work. Off to gp this evening for sick note as walking is hit&miss and it's all a debacle, really. It's lol but not!!! I was laughing when OH came to find me in hospital only to see me being whisked away on a buggy because my legs went whilst trying to collect my codeine arrrrgghhh

    can't believe how drugged up I am this pg and not by bloody choice. I'm crying & collapsing in pain so kinda necessary so I don't throw mesen out nearest bloody window!!

    It's a comedy year, I tell ya. Can't lift ju, chase ju, catch ju, change ju, Hoover house, go to work, do exercise....erm pretty much fu*#ed, wouldn't you say!!

    Thx for all the well wishes btw. XXXXXXX
  • You are not having an easy pregnancy are you? :cry: I bet you think that if Ju had been like this you'd have never tried for a 2nd. There's not much I can say except I feel for you. Get a pile of "Friends" DVDs and try and get some bed rest. I can't imagine what you're going through - I'm bad enough ignoring my small SPD pains (my OH keeps shouting at me to stop sitting cross-legged). I hate being housebound - it drives me crazy and I know you're the same. It's also horrible not being able to catch up with your little terror (sorry - I mean Juliet).

    At least you can't do the vacuuming! image

    I hope you feel better soon,
    H xx
  • What a time you seem to be having. Really glad the planning permission is sorted. Hope your back starts to feel better soon - is there anything a physio might be able to do? Hope you're not geting too bored yet.
  • Haha it's almost as painful watching OH Hoover the entire house in 15mins flat.....hmmmm!

    Don't even have tv or DVD in bedroom anymore assolx in prep for emigrating! I'm kinda bored but also just need to be in bed ad too painful anywhere else so kind of at peace (ish)

    I'm missing my juju who is at MIL and who I feel I barely have seen in past 24 hours. I've never wanted to pick her up
    & cuddleher in my arms as much as now, when I can't.

    I've bit the bullet & called private paying physio who is coming to house at 430/5. Can't afford it at mo but also, can't afford not to. It's a weird thing. Enough is sometimes enough. I feel I have no dignity so what price for that eh?!

    I'm using OH's golf club for a walking stick. Seriously, up the fkg NHS. I'm still kinda mad they weren't bothered by my clear inability to walk even tho they knew I was preg with a toddler. Maybe I should have Bern more pushy but I'm surprisedi wasn't offered even some crutches or something. It's pretty undignified crumpling in a heap trying to drag ass to the loo in middle of night, never mind not physically being able to reach around and wipe like normal person!!! Sorry for tmi but I'm slightly annoyed as feel like if I was very overweight, old or unfit, I'd not have been able to maneouvre in the stupid ways I've had to learn to, just to roll over/stand up/walk 5 metres! Its like yeah, I'm impersonating spiderman but can't you still see how much intense pain I'm in!

    Anyways, rant over. Throwing money at physio instead. Least hopefully this way I'll get treated properly!
  • Really hope the physio can help you out, Lizzie - I've suffered with back problems for the last 5 years so I really sympathise with you. My physio helped massively - I've needed a few sessions every year or so since it started, and I found it really painful in the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Rachel, but strangely enough it eased up a lot in the second half of pregnancy.

    Would definitely recommend using a gym ball if this turns out to be a recurring problem through your pregnancy - that was the only way I could get comfy at all when I had flare-ups, and if the problem is emanating in your lower back, working on your pelvic floor exercises will help give your back joints a bit of extra support.

    Really hope you feel better soon and get a lovely cuddle from Juju too.

    Hannah xx
  • Oh, and also - which hospital is it that you had to wait 3-4 weeks for? When I was expecting Rachel, I got seen within 3 days by the physio team at City Hospital after GP referred me, don't know if you can push to be referred there instead if it's KM that was the long wait?

    Hannah xx
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