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Isaac loves to kiss his reflection in the mirror but doesn't kiss us or anyone else. Clearly just loves himself! lol. We kiss him all the time and encourage him but he rarely gives them out. I know he knows what they are by now! He does give us cuddles although he is a very independent boddler and not overly huggy. He has got more cuddly as he's got older. Anyone else have a boddler who's not very kissy? xx


  • Maybe it's a boy thing lol Lorelei would kiss anyone who asked the wee hallion image Though her reflection is her favourite too
  • yeah evie is a proper little flirt she kisses everyone!!

    maybe its a boy thing!! xxxx
  • Hmmm, my boys love to kiss... They kiss me an awful lot and kiss each other, but not many other people get them, which i'm secretly thrilled about!!!

    Sara x
  • DD is a big kisser too when the mood takes her. she can go days without kissing me or dh then we get loads.

  • If we ask Abby for a kiss she offers us her cheek. She never gives out kisses but will hug absolutely anyone or anything - even next-door's Rottweiler! :roll: I think the adversion to kissing comes from my FIL's moustache - it tickles.
  • Josh will give kisses to almost anyone and everyone!
    He is a real hugger and kisser but our family is very cuddly and whenever we have people over he always gives everyone an individual kiss goodnight, or kiss goodbye if were leaving somewhere image
    When OH gets home and picks josh up and I give oh a kiss then josh puts his hands on our heads and pushes us together to make us kiss again!
    He will kiss anything if you ask him to e.g teddy, the mirror or even pictures of himself :P
    I love that he is like this but mum friends often get caught out when they come over to ours with their lo's and josh will go and give them (the mum) a kiss and hug.
    He even sat down next to twin babies in a playgroup yesterday and gave them a kiss each on their forehead, all the mums went ahhhhh

    I'm sure this may be a problem when he is a teenager.....
  • Skye kisses her reflection and just about anything else you ask her too, except for us!!! She's much more cuddly of late but for some reason has an aversion to kissing her Mummy and Daddy!! Very strange!
  • Lily bumps foreheads (gently) to kiss. She's quite sparing with her kisses for everyone except Maddie :\)

    She doesn't kiss her reflection though - just pokes her tongue in and out repeatedly making a burble-burble-burble sound, and cackles :lol:
  • Oh glad we don't have the only reluctant kisser! PTB, love the bumping foreheads, Isaac does something similar to us sometimes maybe that is his version of a kiss!! I know a lot of toddlers who kiss on demand :lol: so wondered if Isaac was the only one whose kisses were restricted. I'm sure the kisses will come soon enough before he'll start running a mile rather to kiss or hug his embarrasing parents!! :lol:
  • The girls love their kisses image They kiss each other and me and Sam loads =D They arn't great with other ppl though nanny sometimes gets them if they are in a good mood and they are all for the reflection thing x
  • Ruby is also sparing with her kisses. she will occasionally kiss Milly if i ask her to but most often she goes "no,no,no,no" and runs around flapping her arms in disgust!
  • Having said that Skye won't kiss us at all she must have read what I wrote and we now get full on smackers on the lips, when she's in a good mood anyway!!
  • Oh my god issy is such a flirt!! She has been kissing for months, they have at least turned into closed mouth kisses now!! she runs up shouts 'cuddle' and puts her mouth up towarrds yours which is so cute, when we are leaving anywhere she has to kiss eveyeone at least once and then she always gives me an extra one hehe!! She is obsessed with saying bye, waving and kissing everyone before we leave anywhere, even nursery!! she was saying bye blowing kisses to the garden this afternoon before we came in lol
  • Maddox is also a flirt, he LOVES his own reflection and kissed his own reflection, he also loves kissin everyone and on the lips so we got him into kissing just us on the lips and everyone else he does this cheek kiss on each side it's so cute! It u say kiddy on the cheek maddox he does it it's ace! He kisses everyone it's a bit worrying! He also loves to play in my makeup and wear my bows (worrying?!) thing is I've never shown him this as I'm funny bout it he's a boy and that's how itl stay hehe but he loves doing these cute little things bless him : ) xx
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