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I took Gabriel to Devon Doctors today as he had a red inflamed patch under his eye again... They confirmed Periorbital Cellulitis!!! Not a reoccuring infection, but he's had it twice in 5 months!!! Are they wrong or is he just very unlucky???

He hasn't been admitted as I begged them not to as also have to think of Gideon and Saul... Being a single mum sucks at the best of times, but when one is poorly and needs hospital treatment and you physically can't do it (I won't leave him there on his own) it makes you feel like a failure...

I phoned THE EX and he just said "Can't Simon help?" For anyone who doesn't know, Simon is my bf and he lives in a different County!!! THE EX didn't even offer any help!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening...

Sara x


  • That's awful, poor you for having to deal single handedly and poor Gabriel for being poorly.
    Never heard of what he has, but is he in any discomfort? Can it be passed on? You hear eye infections can often pass easily between kids.
    Does your ex have much contact with the kids? If so, demand he helps!

    Hope everything sorts itself out soon, you are a fantastic mummy for dealing with everything on your own.
    Big hugs to Gabriel

  • Hope gabriel is feeling better soon....i know what its like to have more than one! When ones ill and ur on your own its hard im with you and my ex is a barstoll too lol! My bf is great though but i do feel bad asking him to the job of the girls dad but we are looking into him adopting! Anyways not on about me just want you to know im here for a chat if you need me and hope gabriel is better soon image xxx
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