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Adding to the club!

Added colours for those who know (and are choosing to let us in on the secret ;\) ).

I thought that so many of us are adding to the baby club that I would put in a thread that keeps us all up to date. :\) Let me know details, corrections or updates and I'll keep this updated.

Babies :\)
PTB - Madeleine Christine - born 24th March (6lb 12oz)
Leigh - Casey Joel - born 11th August (8lb 3oz)
Blondefriend - Charlie George - born 12th September (9lb 10oz)
Jodylouise - Amelia Lilly - born 25th October (6lb 14oz)
Lizzie - ?? - born 23rd November (7lb 6oz)

Claire - due 29th Nov
djwalsh (Debbie) - due ? Dec
Gemma - due 27th Dec (blue bump)
Angelkisses - due 14th Jan (yellow bump)
Mummychop - due 19th Jan (blue bump or pink bump - depends on who you ask? :lol: )
Emmsy - due 11th March (blue bump)
Jessicadervin - due ? March
SLattie (Sharon) - due 18th March (blue bump)
Bellah - due June?

Stsarina (Hannah)
Mrs Wright

LixieDixie - TTC in Jan 2011
Karen - TTC in Nov 2011

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  • Cool. Some people I can moan to!

    I'M SO SICK OF OATCAKES, PORRIDGE & APPLES!!!!! I'm so ill, I've had to totally change my diet & it's making me feel depresso. No choc for me this weekend...tried a bit of creme egg last night & was so sick. Can't eat bread, crisps, pasta, rice...basically everything I love!!

    Any other pg ladies suffering any ailments or want a moan??? With juju, was ill til about 28wks but was different things causing sickness that time so am praying to God above I've got classic morning sickness & it'll go by 14wks...pleasssssee!!
  • oh lizzie poor you, I hope it eases up soon!
    We are going to start TTC in august, I'm going to enjoy having a boozy summer first in our new house and eat all the things i wont be able to while pregnant so i dont feel so bad when i have to stop image

    Lizzie maybe its a boy this time and thats why different things are making you sick!!
  • Poor you Lizzie image have you tried rice or plain potatoes? They were my staple foods with Lorelei. I remember being delighted when I ate a plain pork chop at about 16 weeks cos was a new taste lol
    We're hoping to ttc in June so long as get the all-clear image
  • I am so pleased that my morning sickness appears to be ending at 16 weeks. It's lasted longer than last time and has been much worse. :\( I've actually had to take a couple of days off work because I was vomiting so much, I actually thought I had the vomiting bug again. I actually lost 7lbs in a week through vomiting but it's all back on now. :cry:

    Last time I was really sensitive to smells and couldn't use certain toilets because of the chemical smells in them. I would have actually prefered for them not to be cleaned. image
    However this time it's my taste that is super-sensitive. I will stop drinking milk in the fridge that my OH and Abby will continue drinking happily for another 3 days.

    Bump is starting to appear now but am still fitting in my jeans. Had to stop wearing my jeans at 14 weeks last time but they were a size smaller than these! image Am actually wearing maternity jeans today because they don't fall down - you need a waist to hold up normal jeans.

    H xx
  • I feel so sorry for you guys who are suffering with morning sickness - I had it really badly with Rachel up until around 22 weeks, the only things that helped it were lemons and limes! I used to go around sucking on them, getting some very strange looks indeed.

    BF, can you add me to the TTC list please? AF caught up with me this week, but hopefully it won't take us as long this time round as it did with missy.

    Hannah xx

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  • my planning to ttc is some way off but its looking like it will be about jan '11
  • Yeh im still TTC (AF got me to Hannah!) but i didnt expect it to happen this month maybe next month image Hey hannah wouldnt it be funny to both fall next month haha image Good luck! Bless youi all with your morning sickness the twins were angels compared to what you are discribing honestly sickness wasnt too bad felt sick more than owt else went off choccy but other than that was fine became addicted to jelly babies usual,ly hate them and hate them now lol! Plain buiscuits did seem to work to ease sickly feeling or ready salted crisps image eeeesh we moan but we know its more than worth it image x
  • im feeling sick sick sick too image smells make me wretch just like last time! i still had morning sickness at 18 weeks last! due date is still 1st nov x
  • Add me as TTC from next week!

    good luck everyone
  • Iwill be ttc the 5th if never : ) just kiddin, will be 2035.. No seriously itl prob be startin ttc late next year 2011 for a may ish baby same year maddox will be 4 : ) Will be married by then so wnt have to worry bout getting that done, god how time is flyin eh?!
  • hi all
    many thanks to blondefriend who invited me over claire ,im 35 and have 4 kids 16,11,7 and 16 months and wait for 6 weeks gone with number 5 .look forward to getting to know you all claire x
  • p.s due 29th nov
  • Welcome Claire.

    The Born in Nov 08 group is being shut down so I invited them over here seeing as we're the best. image
  • Presumably though that means Born in Dec 08 is going to be shut down soon too??? image

    But welcome Claire - good to see you and congratulations.
  • I think it's maybe because no one uses Nov '08 much? If you look the posts all seem to be from ages ago.
  • Yeah, I think they close the forums that don't get used much when they put new ones up. They keep the well used ones for longer so hopefully this one should stay going for a long while yet! :\)
  • oh my god! glad i am not hte only one panicking at the thought of dec08 forum being closed down! x
  • Hi Claire and welcome to the BIDdies!

    No need to add me to any TTC group BF I'm afraid...

    I seriously panicked over the forum closing too LOL!!! It'll be a very sad day if our ickle forum closes, sob x
  • Close what i fear i would die without ytou ladies...we shall start a petition haha! x
  • Morning,

    Got my BFP yesterday & today. I was bad and have tested a few days early so im praying that it sticks. All being well my due date will be 27th Dec 2010 (ANOTHER XMAS PUD!!!)xxxxx
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