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I'm pregnant :)

I really just wanted to write that down since can't tell anyone in real-life lol
Only found out so early days but got a good feeling image
Obviously will have the usual worries but kinda feel that we had our bad luck and hopefully will be plain sailing this time but regardless, I'm not going to worry until I've something to worry about. We got through the sadness of losing baby Casey so it doesn't seem as scary this time if that makes sense?
Wooohoo I'm so excited!

Edited to say the usual keeping it ssh on facebook if don't mind please image

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  • wow congratulations
  • That's fantastic news. Congratulations.

    I knew you were posting on TTC because I'm nosy so really pleased that it's happened.

    Lots of hugssssss,
    H xx
  • Huge congratulations! Hope you have as happy and healthy a pregnancy as possible, you deserve it! Glad you're feeling positive about it all. A January baby then? xx
  • Thanks ladies- due Jan yeah image 22nd or thereabouts
    BF you stalking ttc and you're already pregnant made em laugh lol I do things like that all the time too.
    Been so tired and nauseous the last week or two so had a fair idea, I got this from v early the other 2 times but didn't want to get too excited now it's too late the excitement is there and there;s nought can do about it image
    Even dude is excited- I know this because he said "That's good isn't it?" which is v enthusiastic for him lol
  • Yay yay - fantastic news! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy x
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhh lovliest news! huge congratulations to you and all your family. hope you have a healthy pregnancy. love k xxx
  • That is just fantastic news MC! Huge congrats to you and dude!! xxx
  • Brilliant news image
  • Lovely news. Congratulations and fingers crossed that all stays good. xx
  • fantastic news.
    Heres to a happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • yay well done! so pleased for you. look forward to updates as you go along xxx
  • Already replied in TFAB, but yaaaaaaaay! Hope Dude enjoyed his bottle of cava!

    Hannah xx
  • Lol yeah he enjoyed it even more when didn't have to share it image
    Thanks everyone x
  • Nice one Mummychop!

    Soooo happy for you and all your family. I'm sure you will be feeling much better in a few weeks and the months will no doubt pass by. (I think they do when you have a winter baby!)

    Unfortunately there will be no "I'm preggers" news from me. After 4 days late, you know what caught me. Not too bothered as it was 1st month of ttc.

    Much love to you mummychop
  • Aw that's a pity, would've been fun to have a fellow biddie in new due in forum lol I'll keep fingers crossed for you for next month though image
    Thanks for the well wishes, keep checking the test to be sure still says pregnant- how sad lol x
  • Wow what fantastic news well done xxx
  • comgratulations!! : ) lovely, so many of you now pregnant am i the only one not! hehe carnt wait to hear about all these new babies! xx
  • I'm not pregnant either! But I sort of wish I was!

    How you feeling mummychop, any symptoms?
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