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Thanks lots for the article. I'm useless at remembering to reply to emails at mo. Between selling house, pregnancy, exporting cat & entire family, I've no chance!

Eating is still a real challenge (well, meals!) but think that's just whisperer for toddlers says it's unfair to put our need to have a 'good eater' on their shoulders!


  • Ps how's the pg going? Would love to hear from you and hope you're ok xx
  • Hi Lizzie,
    That's no problem- did it not work at all for you? I just followed the part where she said about giving little at a time and it works for us. Little and often, but that's how i prefer to eat so it isn't such a hassle. Also, I know there are certain foods Lorelei would eat no problem so if I really want her to eat I'll make her mash potatoes or whatever a few times a week but to be honest, she's so lively and developing in leaps and bounds that I'm not too bothered. She just mustn't be a big eater.
    Pregnancy is going grand so far, almost 8 weeks already! Will be under consultant care this time and have extra scans at 9 and 16 weeks- will have the combined screening tests at 12 weeks but don't want to go for an amnio unless think there is a need which will know more about at 16 weeks. There is a chance of same things happening as happened before but I'd be more concerned about being pre-disposed to this if we hadn't have had Lorelei- I really think was just one of those unfortunate things that life sometimes throws at us. That said, I'll be much more relaxed and able to enjoy the pregnancy after 12 week scan when we'll see if baby is growing as s/he should. Unfortunately, I'm laid low with constant nausea again- think I'd be used to it since it's 3rd time in 2 years but nope- still moaning and groaning and living off toast lol
    How's it all going with you? There is so much going on in your life it's small wonder you were feeling as ill as you were! Though at least the pregnancy will fly in image How do you think Juliet will react to a new sibling? I think Lorelei will be grand as she just loves babies in photos, tv, supermarkets.. she will sit for ages with her dolls which she calls babies- feeding them, putting clothes on them, reading to them etc she's such a girl!
    Thanks for asking and hoping things settle for you soon- still can't believe your big move! Exciting times image
  • Juju loves trying to change her dolly and teddies' nappies so I can imagine she is going to LOVE a new bigger real baby!! I'm a bit worried about her 'boundaries' though as she spent a good five minutes tryin to coax my friend's nine week old baby to eat a nacho chip. She kept breaking it in half and in half and in half again, in the vain hope that offering smaller chunks would entice the baby to take it!!!!

    Really pleased you've not had any complications other than the HIDEOUS nausea. Am only coming out the other side now. Take maybe one tablet a day instead of three and am definitely in a much better state now.

    The eating thing is ok. I was already trying a lot of the tips in the article. I definitely let Ju have little and often but I guess I am still fixated on her having this one proper nutritious dinner sized meal a day! Perhaps I need to get over it. I have tried giving smaller portions though. I also need WAY more healthy snacks in the house as I run out of rice cakes and then end up thinking 'I can't give her two muesli bars in a day' (can I?? Does anyone have a reasonable museli/fruit bar quota?) and then I only really have my rich tea biscuits or her biscuits which I try to limit to one a day also (again, is this reasonable?)

    Anyone else's feedback welcomed too!!!
  • hehe love that you knew wed all be reading, yes I am a nosy parker and proud :P

    On the snack front, josh absolutely loves raisins, we get those goodies packs with the raisins and dried apricots, he has those muesli bars aswell.
    What about popcorn? I havent tried it yet but a friends lo was eating some, i guess the kernals could get all stuck in their teeth tho...
    I have been doing a lot of baking so let josh have small amounts of what ive made, madeira cake, choc chip biccies, and he loves pancakes! I made a small batch of pikelets and he loved them with just a bit of marg on.

    Josh prob eats 3-4 rice crackers a day, maybe one muesli bar or box of raisins, a fruit pot, (cos he cant have yoghurt) but he loves snacking on sliced chicken aswell.
    I'm pretty relaxed about what he eats as he eats a good variety of food and is a good size.

    Just a random thought could you try making her fruit smoothies? And maybe sneaking vege into them aswell?

    Sorry prob not much help, glad to hear both your pregnancies are going well, i cant wait to be preggers now!
  • Thanx for the article too, like u guys I'm fixated on maddoxs eating habits ! And also just want him to have one half decent meal a day!! He tends to just eat toast,crumpets cereal bars raisins baby hoops doesn't eat meat pasta veg etc unless I hide it in mash and do gravy he will eat a bit only a bit tho, how much naughty stuff do u guys give ur little ones? Maddox loves choc raisins and buttons etc but feel bad wen I do! He does love fruit and yogs tho do that's the only consolation! Xx
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