Night waking

Hi lovely ladies,

My little man has been waking in the night crying on a couple of occasions for the past week or so.

Usually it's around 10/11pm then again around 4am/5am.

He goes back to sleep quite easily, usually after a cuddle/drink of water then he is laid down and drops off again. Sometimes it can take a few minutes. When it's 4/5am he will continue to whinge/cry on and off for what seems about half an hour before dozing off.

Just wondering if anyone else's little one is going through a similar thing? I don't think he is hungry. Possibly teething? His room at 4/5am is usually about 15c so thinking he could be cold but then that doesn't explain the earlier waking around 10/11pm as his room is always around 19c at that time. He is dressed in a vest, sleepsuit and 2,5 tog grobag. We've a little oil filled heater which I think I'll put in his room tonight to keep the temp constant.

Many thanks ladies, hope you're all well x


  • Ps this is the lady formerley known as GICHU. For some reason, BE has decided to change my username!
  • Hello,

    Im having the same problem, I think its teething. He used to wake when he first started teething and now i think the back ones are coming through perhaps. Calpols and cuddles image

    P.S its changed my username too, it should say PIAHIGSY X
  • Yes, we keeping experiencing this sporadically. There's no real pattern, some nights we don't hear a peep, others it can be twice, sometimes within an hour of going to sleep and at other times it can be 5am!

    Personally I've been putting it down to development stages, as soon as he wakes he wants to sit up and then seems to struggle to resettle from this position. Could be his teeth though xx
  • Thomas seems to be waking in the middle of the night lately, mainly for his dummy! did get rid of it a few months ago but then he was ill and is really reluctant to give it up again. x
  • OMG ! I am not ready for any more teeth, lo had 8 teeth by 10 mnths, gosh she was in a hurry! I was not ! I do hope it was the cold and nothing else have upped the heat.
  • we had 2 nights last week where LO cried out, he didnt really wake up properly but seems quite upset, at the weekend i noticed he has now got 2 more teeth right at the back (big doubles 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom) so im not sure if it could have been these?
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.

    He's been better these last few nights. We've not had the 10pm/11pm wake up and I hear him stir about 5ish but he goes back to sleep. I've checked his gums and nothing come through yet although he has been dribbling a bit lately so will keep checking! xx
  • We have also had this a bit as well. Although I find now that he takes ages to go back to sleep in the night, it often takes up to 2 hours to settle him image

    He has had a cold and cough on and off for a couple of months now though, so I usually put it down to that!

  • hi everyone,

    your lo's are sooo good compared to mine!!! i have tried all sorts odd nights he will sleep from 7.30pm through till around 4 and then take up to 2 hours to get off... then awake again anyway! other nights wakes early around 11 or 1am and other 3am... dont ever get a full night! when he wakes i think he just wants me and if i sit by cot and cuddle he wont settle as knows hes going back in cot, tried not getting him out screams for over 2 hours... tried offering drink, dummy, teething gel, capol, changed temp of room, what he is wearing! nothing works!!! he eats loads and although have started using milk as a way to get off when i have work and he isnt giving in he drinks it more like a drink and i know he doesnt need that!!!

    one day he will sleep!!!!! x
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