omg since Thomas hit the 1 year mark he has been throwing tantrums! apparently it is quite normal from what i've read and will pass soon. The sooner the better though!

any of you lovely ladies experiencing the same thing? x :?


  • hell yeah - we're in serious practise for the terrible twos!
  • im glad someone posted this as the last few days we have experienced some very amusing (although will soon wear thin!) tantrums. If i take something away that he shouldnt have he actually goes to knock my hands out the way! or if i move him out of the way he crawls back to where he was and slaps the ground with his hands....i thought this would start at 2 not 1!
  • Hi ladies, how did you add pics to your profile? x :?
  • Yep same here! When my LO throws tantrums he tends to throw his head back and arch his back so I have to be quick in catching him especially when he's sat in floor so he doesn't bang his head on the wooden floor! Hope it passes soon x
  • I'm glad I read this! My LO seems to really know his mind now and will often throw a strop if I take something away from him / he wants to go somewhere he can't get to / etc!

    They really are becoming proper little characters now aren't they?!
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