havent been on in ages - new laptop so im back... still up loads in night??!!

anyone else still up loads in night!!!??? feel like i have a newborn still - it stops me ging out with friends as i know will be up in night, go to bed ealy every night as thinking he will be awake soon!!!

hubby still stays up till 1am ish so he deals with him if he wakes - it silly!!!

he has never been good at sleeping - we have a routine bath with brother at 7pm and the he wears sleep suit and then a fleecy larger one (got rid of sleeping bag as it seemed to annoy him) and then he has a snuggle he loves and dummy, so he sits and has his milk and cuddle then i always cuddled to sleep then lay down but new bad as when he woke he wanted me again so now put down after bottle and he cries and i usually go in and dummy after a good cry!

then some nights he may go till 3ish and then he refuses tpo go off he screams and screams - 2 hours plus i have tried to get him off... so now i give in and just lift out lay on sofa with him and give him bottle and then cuddle bacj to sleep then depending on time try put him in cot again - usually he wakes the min i do this!!!

we ahve some nights he is better and sleeps semi through or just needs dummy or something - had really random night when has slept till 6am from, going down!!!

anyway am i the only one and has anyone had similart that they ahve recently tackled!??


  • We're up most nights too.

    Mostly it's teething related for us. Eddison is a terrible teether; he'll scream for up to 3hrs a night while the tooth is moving down and then while it's breaking the gum and then until it's fully erupted, this is usually 7-10 days. Then my 3.5yr old wakes most mornings at 5:30am and will not go back to sleep.

    Even when Eddison's not teething he doesn't sleep past 5am. He absolutely will not settle for anybody other then me so going out is a no-no (not that I have any friends since falling out with the mums-and-tots group. God I hate my life). I'm completely shattered and some days I feel on the verge of a break-down. Sorry, gone off on a bit of a tangent there.

    I wish I had an amazing "cure" that I could share with you but I've just resigned myself to never sleeping again.

    Liz x
  • isnt sleep deprivation awful!!! i hat going to bed knowing only be in bed for few hours... as lo's room is temperley (sp?) downstairs and in a cottage with steep stairs i cant keep coming up and down to try settle him so when he wakes i come down - every night we bring the spare duvet down... ridiculous since he is now over year old!!! and then i dummy and leave room, then usually screaming before i even leave room and this goes on for 2 hours plus... if i havent given in before that - i then usually have to lay on sofa with him and if take in bed he thinks morning and just tries to play and climb over hubby... so then i have been laying on sofa, giving milk and praying he will go off - if i dont fall asleep with him i try lay back down in cot but usually he wakes straight away!!! when all this is going on my 3 year old gets disturbed... he will settle but i then am in and out of the 2 of them - arrgghhhhhh!!!

    hubby said tonight try get back off for half hour and if wont have it just bring in bed - but i dont know if you ever do this but i still dont get proper sleep as he is in my arm...if i try move him out of arm he wakes so my arm goes dead, then if my 3 year old wakes and me or hubby move to go see to him little one wakes!!!

    im ranting now!!!!

    back to you - try not to feel too fed up... it is sooo hard work with 2 - if im at home all day i go insane so im terrible for going out even to shop to buy something pointless... and usually my 3 year old some sweets or mag as a 'be good and i'll treat you'!!! mason is sooo clingy at mo and obsessed with me - so that isnt helping!

    do you ever try anything with how he is sleeping? do you use a nightlight? we have one but wondered if should have it dark, also his matress doesnt feel that comfy... i have put a fleecy blanket under sheet to make iot more cosy... he has a dummy and snuggle that he loves! dont know what else to try!

    what do you do at 5am when he wakes??? you dont start the day do you??? my god you'll be shattered! if he wakes i lay in dark on sofa with duvet and gve him milk and pray go back off - oldest always woke at 5/5.50 and it was awful as he stayed awake but i would have in bed getting more and more annoyed as he would climb around the bed etc... just recently he wakes but like a baby if i give some milk will drink in bed and go back off couple hours... bad habit i know but you do anything for sleep!!!

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