Breast feeding announcement

Id like to announce that i have stopped bfeeding at 13 mnths ,baby was just biting continuously.She is nearly 15 mnths and happy w bottle fresh and growing up milk.Im soo proud i kept going for such a long time


  • Wow, good for you hun! I could just about manage 6 weeks, but then I suppose everyone takes to it differently!

    Your poor boobies! Cant even begin to imagine the pain when their teeth come through!

    Well done! x
  • Ahh well done! I also breastfed until 13 1/2 months, and gave up for just the same reasons. You should be really orpine of yourself, well done! X
  • well done! we wanted to breastfeed but william wouldn't play!
  • ye thanks for everyones lovely comments i now have hardly any boobies but still very proud :lol:
  • Wow, well done. I breast fed for 9mths but like you gave up when the teeth started sinking in, plus we wanted another and breastfeeding can stop ovulation. Now hoping I can last as long this time around.
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