Rocking when Seated

Hi ladies, just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this?

My DD started rocking in her highchair at 6mths old. At the time I mentioned it to my HV who advised that it was attention seeking and that if my DH and I ignored her it would stop. Well we're now 16mths old and worse than ever, she will sway back and forth whenever she is seated (the only exception is in her carseat whilst car is moving). My DH and I are growing concerned that she will either break the chair and go flying backwards or build up such momentum she'll fling herself forwards onto the floor.

Any advice on how to break this bad habit would be greatly welcomed.


  • My ds2 Oskar does this - he does it whenever he is sitting down on something and thinks it is hilarious. He has quite often fallen off things if we don't watch him closely (he is also horrendous for climbing in dangerous siuations like climbing over the top of his cot or opening drawers to use them to climb!!)

    We try to ignore it as the more we try to distract him and stop him the more he does it and laughs at us. He sometimes does it so hard he bangs his head on the highchair which must hurt but he still carries on.

    Sorry not much help but your not alone
  • Thomas tends to do this sometimes and quite forceful! x
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