Cheeky Chops & Holiday help...

Hi peeps,

Firstly - where has the time gone? I see some of you have become mummies again since our 09 babies were born - Congrats!

Just wondering if anyone elses toddler is becoming a terrible two?? any tips on calmly ccoping with the Diva's strops.

Hope is doing really well - she has all of her teeth but still very little hair?? image

Anyway we're off to Cuba fora family holiday (meeting canadian relatives out there)

Im really concerned about Hope and hair fair skin / no hair - does anyone have any idea which sun protection is the best??

Anyone got a list of things I should be considering to take? Im a wreck lol....

K & H.x.x.x


  • Coo-eey Kegz!

    Oh lucky you going on holiday! Wish I was!

    Archie is pretty fair skinned too, and I use Nivea for kids spary factor 50, and he has never been burnt. I also make sure he has a hat with neck protection too. Saying that, we went to Spain when he was 9 months old, and apart from that, its been the great british sunshine, which is not really comparable to Cuba!

    As fir the terrible 2's, oh my god YES! He is such a little g!t at times. He only really strops with me though, which is apparently pretty normal as I am his main carer. It gets frustrating, as the sun shines out of Daddy's butt!

    Its getting worse as he approaches the terrible 2's... 'come on Archie, lets brush our teeth?' 'NO!'... 'Ah shall we have a cuddle' 'NO!'... basically everything is no.

    I took him to a soft play group the other day and when it came to sitting down for song time, my godness, all hell broke loose. He was screaming, and kicking and punching. I was mortified! :cry:

    I just hope he gets over this stage real soon.

    Its not ALL the time, but its certainly happening too much for my liking. He is a very sensitive though, and is always saying 'Love you Mummy' and comes up to me and strokes my face and says 'ahhh'. He is sweet, but my god he does have his moments!

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