Happy brithday to all!

I know that there are not many of us left here but to all that are left I am saying happy 2nd birthday to all of your little ones this month.

I can't believe Oskar will be 2 in 11 days. Time flies. He is excited about xmas more than his birthday but he still doesn't really understand.

He has been on calcuim medicine to help his bones strengthen and it has had an affect on his teeth. He has 6 coming through at once!!

He still doesn't speak but has fun anyway! Definately uses the cute factor on passing women as he is so small for his age - still wearing the same babygros and sleepsuits he was a year ago!

Hope everyone else is doing well and getting ready for little ones birthdays (oh and xmas!)


  • Yes, the countdown has begun on the advent calender. Samantha will be 2 in just 9 days time, another one who isn't really talking so much as babbling away (scarily 3mth old sister is starting to mimic already). We're having a mini party with family next weekend though I think it's the older people who are getting more out of it at present. As for christmas, tree is going up later (once we've figured out where we have the room for it) & just the remnants of shopping to finish this week & we're ready.

    Happy Birthdays Two year olds

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.
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