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Hello peeps, As we're approaching our cherubs 3rd birthdays I thought it'd be nice to see who is still about and how things are going!? Hope is 3 o. 18.12.12 - she still has very little hair!! She's almost completely pity trained and is a little Diva She Loves Peppa Pig singing dancing and Tuna! image Loving this stage, cheeky, chatty and soooo funny! Anyway - hope we all catch up Soon


  • I've not been on here for a good few years - don't have much spare time with 2 children!!

    LO is a proper character - love her to pieces, potty trained, chattering away - nearly 3 going on 23!!

    She has a little brother who is 16 months and a very cute little monster!!




  • Hi

    I haven't been on here in a good while, Oskar will be 3 on the 14.12 and is still tiny. He still doesn't eat and now has a little sister who is 13 months old. They wear the same sized clothing and I have been asked if they are twins!

    He is potty trained during the day and likes to elieve he is at night. He will take his nappy off in the night as he feels he no longer needs it and then wakes up wet in the morning. He desperately wants to be like his big brother.

    If anyone would like to see a pic of him now here is a link to a professional photo where him and his bro and sis are in a comp ( feel free to vote). image)

    This is his little sis ( a proper madam)

    And his big bro (the charmer)

    Oskar is nearly deaf in one ear at the moment as he has glue ear which has dramatically affected his speech meaning he doesn't speak very clearly at all and only close family can understand him most of the time.

    Wouldn't tell that from looking at him. He has no fear and will try anything as long as it is not high up ( he has a big fear of heights even the stairs scare him!)

    When on holiday this year he decided to copy his big bro and take his arm bands off before jumping in the pool he forgot to let us know and it wasn't until he was splashing into the water we realised he was without flotation devices. My hubby grabbed him and put him on the side - he laughed and said "try that again!"

    Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their little ones as time seems to be flying.
  • Wow!! Congrats on the new additions, I don't knol

    How you do it - I'm a wreck just with one.

    The link won't work on my phone so will take a vote when

    On a PC image

    Fantastic news - glad all the little puddings are all flourishing!
  • Hello ladies,

    Samantha is 3 on 12/12/12 & is generally a lovely girl.  She's highly intelligent studying how things work until she's got it sussed meaning we have to watch her around everything as she can unscrew bottles, open boxes, operate our tv/oven/cd player & DVD player & drives us bonkers always wanting to learn more.  Her speech is behind so we are under speech & language to help develop this & due to attend assessed group play to see whether she has autistic tendancies.

    She has little sister Hannah about now who turns 1 on 17/09/12.  They have good days & bad days together but you can see Hannah's face light up at the sight of her big sister (even if big sis isn't always so pleased to see her).  Generally big sister Samantha is starting to struggle with her younger sister wanting to follow her everywhere & play alongside her (sometimes we play nicely, others we get possessive of toys) although we can be very affectionate & caring when our little sister is unhappy.

    All in all we're proud of our girls & feel lucky to have them both in our lives. 

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