Anyone still here on the third birthday?

Hi Just wondered if anyone was still here as our little ones third birthday is upon us. Oskar will be three in 2 days and is getting really excited. Time seems to fly when life is busy. Oskar has finally been diagnosed with palate difficulties and abnormally large tonsils. He is having his tonsil removed early next year and then reconstructive surgery on his palate. Ten hopefully he can finally eat and grow as he is still tiny in size! He has recently got an early Xmas present that he is going to have another little bro or sis next year. He is adamant it has to be a boy as he has a little sister and he says she is annoying! Hope everyone else is having a wonderful time getting ready for third birthdays and Xmas trying to get presents for both proves to be slightly difficult. Happy birthday to all dec 09 babies


  • Well Samantha turned 3 on 12th Dec & (wouldn't you know it) whilst we had a lovely time celebrating with family it was hampered by the onset of flu (the entire family has had it over the weekend & are only just starting to recoop).

    Bless Oskar wanting a little boy, does he not realise his sister might be less annoying with another little girl to play with?

    We're still going through motions with getting Samantha assessed - we've had bloods done, started speech therapy & attend a special play group weekly to help the children learn social skills & for us mummys to swap tips/ideas on how to communicate/help our young ones along.  I'm growing aware of more similarities to my own childhood making me suspect that Samantha may well have Aspergers & there is the possibility both my girls have Hypermobility from me too.

    Hoping everyone has a lovely christmas & happy new year (can't wait for the BA from you A.O.E.4).  Best Wishes

  • Hi kazzieM

    I am sorry to hear you have been suffering from the flu. Hope you are feeling better now. The process for diagnosis can take forever can't it. My 5 year old was diagnosed with possible aspergers at the age of two as he did not speak but his intelligence was far above average, he also did not socialise with children at nursery at all. He is now 5 and at an awful school that refuses to admit he needs support. He is still going through a range of assessment one is not going to be done til he was 7. He also has slightly hyper mobile joints. He now speaks fine and has very grown up conversations but still doesn't really talk to friends. So we have send am improvement.

    Oskar had speech and language last week that have said his difficulties are a combination of his mouth problems and his glue ear that is stopping from hearing what he is saying.

    Now we are looking forward to Xmas and enjoying the festivities.

    Even with oskars severe attitude of a 3 year old!

    Yes I will let you know when my arrival arrives! It will be a month before my little girl is 2!

    Have a merry Christmas and a good new year
  • Wow, it's good to see this forum is still up and running!

    Sound like you've both been busy with adding more siblings to the family. I now have 2 boys, my second is now 17 months! It's lovely but busy! I must admit though I'm starting to get very broody again now and would love a third!

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