School Selections...

I can't believe that in just a few months we will be asked to name our choice of schools we wish our children to attend the following year image(where has the time gone?).  It's proving all the more fun with Samantha being autistic & my having to factor into the equation the additional things such as 'learning support' & 'statementing'image.  We have started to look at schools within the area & most of the SEN schools don't take children without having a statement in place so it's proving a great learning curve.  Our local catchment school isn't too bad & has great recommendations from our community paediatric team so I'm not 'doom & gloom' just yetimage.

Have any of you started selecting schools (or got your place confirmed).


  • Scary isn't it, my dd starts


     this sept x

  • Well we are limited due to lack of places in our area. Oskar will be going to the same school as my oldest son. Not a good school but the only one in our catchmsnt. We can't get into out of catchments as there aren't enough places. I would say as a parent who has been through the process with a unique child to definately arrange meetings with the head and senco to discuss how they would support her making it extremely clear what she does and doesn't like. I know from being a teacher that the more information the better and from a parents view unless you are very specific some schools don't pay much attention to what you say (personal experience even after 2 years of him being at school.)

    Good luck with finding a place that is suitable. I would also find out about getting a statement before starting school as the process becomes really difficult and long winded once at school. If she needs one and you get one before she starts it will ensure the school meet her requirements properly.
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