4th Birthdays

Well here we are celebrating 4yrs (Samantha officially on the 12th) & the time is just flying by.  We have submitted our selection of schools for Sept 2014 but with Samantha having ASD we are also undergoing assessment for statement (proving to be great fun).  Lots happening this week as it's her last week at nursery before Christmas hols start, we have lots of Christmas crafts & a carol concert on Friday.


Younger sister Hannah is full of admiration for her big sis & follows her everywhere trying to get her engagement in whatever game.  They look very much alike these days & people often mistake them for being 'twins'.  My only problem is Hannah has spied her sister's birthday pressies & is trying to lay claim to them (No Hannah they are for Samantha).  Oh well, hopefully big sister will share on the day.....

Hope everyone else is doing ok.  Can't believe this time next year they'll be in school

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