Hi ladies, anyone having their lo's christened? Haven't made up our minds yet, we probably will at some point. x:\?


  • Hi hun

    Yes, we had Chloe christened a few weeks ago, Church of England, was a lovely day and meant a lot to us.


  • We opted for a naming ceremony instead. Both the boys were done as a surprise to family & friends following our wedding back in April image
  • We got Joseph christned back in July, in the same church we got amrried in! It was a very special day and ment alot to us and our families!

  • No, we wont. We didn't get married in a church and lead very secular lives. My DS1 isn't christened.
    My brother leads a very active Christian life and was baptised as an adult. I respect his choice to live as a Christian and he respects my choice to live a secular life. I know that he, and his wife, would provide unending support if either of my boys chose to find out more about Christianity.

    Liz x
  • i couldnt stand and listen to the religious crap in a church, he doesnt need to be christened so we are not going to do it just for the sake of it, means nothing to us.
  • Hi, no we won't be having Thomas christened. We're not religious in the slightest and don't go to church so it seems a bit hypocritical to do so. x
  • hiya we are both christians (although not regular church goers - just easter, christmas, etc) and we have chosen to get Lily christened - we will be doing it closer to her first birthday and having a small 'birthday/christening party' afterwards for family and friends.

    It means a lot to me to have Lily christened - I think the symbolism of asking people to be there for Lily when she is older, particularly if anything happens to us, is ver meaningful. Plus it means a lot to my family and friends, particularly my grandfather whos is very ill and asked us to have Lily christened.

  • yep we had both done when they were around 3 months, i think its lovely and im kinda old fashioned in that people used to belive u couldnt get married in a church or buried on comsumated ground unless ur christened/baptised, im a godparent and its a nice way of showing how much u think of the person/people that u ask to be godparents, we're not reglious but its nice for my children to be able to have that choice when their older xxx
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