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Hi girls

As you know we've had a horror time with Toby's sleeping - the best he's ever done is 11-7 and that was a one off a few weeks ago. Usually I have to feed him at 11 and go in at least once between midnight and 6.

But LAST night was different! He was really difficult to settle to sleep which is unusual for hm and didn't actually go to sleep until about 8pm, so I was dreading the night. But I heard not a peep until this morning - I had to go and wake him up at 7:30!!!!!!!!!

Just can't believe it and sooooo proud of him. I'm sure it won't last and he starts nursery next week so there's sure to be some disruption anyway but I feel great after a good night's sleep and now I know he CAN do it it gives me hope!

Pointless post but very proud and happy with my little man today image

Hope everyone has a good night tonight!

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  • we have been similar re sleep with having to go into her and feed her 2-3 times a night at best. Just starting to settle down and is usually only once now and occasionally she has slept through. However the point of the post is that these occasions have mainly been on nursery nights. She has eben going 2 days a week for 3 weeks now and on th 2nd day each week she sleeps really well. there as no initially clinginess which i was dreading and she is obviously so busy in the day she iw worn out by bedtime. so hopefully you will have a similar experience. x
  • That's super news, we seemed to crack night-time once we've moved his sleep time back to nearer 8pm. Getting a good nights sleep makes such a difference, I bet you feel a million dollars today!

    Here's hoping you have more of the same, starting tonight xx
  • You can't see me but I'm doing a little dance for you - yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
  • How was last night Charlotte?
  • We're just starting - it's 10:30pm here. Has NOT started well though, he has only gone to sleep about 5 minutes ago (hence me coming on here now, lol) after screaming the house down from 7-9pm and then just refusing to sleep since then, preferring to move all around his cot until getting stuck in the corners (he can't reverse yet!). Will update in about 9 hours!!!
  • Well I just don't know what's going on. He woke up at about 1am and I had to go and re-settle him, and then he woke up at 6am screaming the house down so I had to feed him and then he was ready to start the day at 6:15 despite my best efforts to put him back down! So he had less than 8 hours sleep which surely isn't enough??? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
  • Oh god, what a night. Could it be teething? Sadly for us, 6.15 is a normal wake up time and it's KILLER so I feel your pain. Hopefully he'll have lots of long naps today though so at least you can sit down with your feet up and a cup of coffee (can you see how desperate I am to see a silver lining here...?!)
  • Girls thats nothing compared to my lo,I feel like a zombie in and out of my sleep.She sleeps at 8 ish wakes at 0030 and i put her back to sleep and then at 2 and i breast feed her and then she wakes at 4 i pick and put down and then at 6 she wants a feed again and then at 7 she s singing the house down so i quickly run down the stairs w her.I do try to wait b4 i pick her but she screams the house down and wakes the others ( 3 other kids 12,10 and 4).
    I give her weetabix 1/2 at 8 and at 10 i breast feed her to sleep ,By this time i am so desperate to jump back into bed .
    IM soo tired all the time I could do with some vitamins or maybe i just need to go doctors, i was anaemic after baby.Hey did i mention lo s top teeth r on their way ,thats prob why she wakes so much ( i hope) They have been showing for the last 3 weeks but havent fully com out. I cant wait for it to be over ,oh and i have been using bonjela,calpol,gripe water a good massage before bed. Any other suggestions? Thanks that really helped to get that off my chest
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