my birth story - finally (positive)

Well the birth went really well. I had a show at 1.20am on 28.12.09 (40+3) and as I have group B strep phoned the hospital to see what I had to do. they said it could be days before anything happens but if my waters break or i start having 3 contractions within a 10 minute period to make my way into hospital.

Tried going back to bed but at 1.40am started getting back ache so hubby and I got up and went downstairs for a cuppa. He thought it would be a good idea to put the playstation on and play fifa. Typical Bloke !!!

At about 4am I started having stronger pains which i decided must be contractions, so I started timing them and went for a nice hot bath.

By 6.30am I was having about 3 in 10 mins so we got our things together and made our way to hospital. All the time I'm thinking that they're gona tell me I'm a right wimp and I've not even started dilating.

Arrived at the hospital about 7am, was finally examined about 8am to be told I was about 7cm dilated and they would have to sort out my IV antibiotics, they administered them at 8.30am, I told the MW I really wanted a waterbirth, so she rushed off to make sure the room was free and started filling the bath. I got into the birthing pool at just after 9am and started using the gas and air. around 9.10am I started feeling the need to push, the mw just told me to do whatever my body was telling me to. I was pushing for just over an hour and my gorgeous little girl was finally born at 10.25am weighing 6lb 8oz. I needed 1 stitch after the labour which wasn't bad going.

Because the antibiotics hadn't been in my system for long enough baby Charlotte was taken upto the SCBU (hubby went with her), to have bloods taken and a canula inserted into her tiny hand so that they could administer antibiotics to her. luckily after 48 hours once the blood results were back and showed that she didn't have Group B Strep they stopped the anti's, removed the canula and discharged us, so we were home in time for the new year.


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