I know its a bit early to be thinking but i was curious what you will do school wise for your LO:

are you sending them to the school their siblings are at if you have other kids?
for first time parents have you thought about local schools, do you have much choice, will you listen to friends recommendations?



  • Hi,

    Thomas is an only child and we have a school in the local area which is a really good one so we'll be sending him there! It seems a long way off but will come round soon, been advised to express an early interest to schools as places get allocated quickly! I do listen to friends recommendation and also read OFSTED reports too xx
  • It's a different situation for us because my hubby is in the RAF so it depends where we're stationed in 4yrs time! Luckily, in towns/villages near MOD bases the local schools always reserve a few places for HM Forces kids so I know we'll get a place somewhere, whether it's a good school or not is just in the luck of the draw!

    Liz x
  • Oh my god, I can't you are actually thinking about this, I can honestly say I've not given it any thought whatsoever. Maybe I need to?

    Suppose it will depend on where we are living and what the closest schools are like at that time xx
  • ive only just started thinking as i am setting up a savings account as i want to send my boy to a private school. There is a lovely one down the road but im not sure where we will be in a few years time x
  • Hi, Thomas will probably go to th local village school at the bottom of our road, however when it comes to secondary school I will be scrutinising the schools results within our catchment area to make sure he gets into the best one. x
  • This is on my mind a lot as we are looking to buy a house so I'm always thinking about school zones (where I live you can only go to a particular school if you live within a particular area). Seems a long way off but doesn't stop me worrying abut it! I went to private school for both primary and secondary, and while I did really like it I want Toby to go to a state primary school so that his childhood isn't quite as sheltered as mine was!
  • i went private school up to year 3 in UK then moved to ireland and was in 'state' schools after that. I went to 3 primary and 2 secondary school and am hoping jayden only has 1 of each lol
    i cant wait to see him in a little unifom bless
  • In terms of recommendations, I actually teach locally myself, so I will definitely be listening / have listened to advice from friends and colleagues. I work in a grammar school so we have links with a huge number of local(ish) primaries - has been quite useful.

    We have a few good primaries near to where we are at the mo and I'm hoping T will go to one of those - especially as her CM's children are in the infants there and so would still be there (if and) when she starts. Unfortunately we live practically next door to an 'OK' primary and I don't really want her to go there. I'm just hoping that in her year there are fewer applications to the one we want so that the catchment stretches a bit further.

  • With my eldest (9) i had to have his name on the school list from 6 months old!!! With Ethan i have inquired but have been told there are no waiting lists for schools in Oxford, this is because they just allocate you the next available school of choice and the you can appeal if necessary, as you can imagine there are some upset parents all the time as the lesser school ave plenty of space!!!!!!

    We are hoping to ove within the next two years so i'll enquire again then about schools.
  • we live in a poor area for education results at the moment - hopefully we will be moving in the next couple of years and as soon as we do i will look into the local schools. the best local school to us at the moment we aren't covered in the catchment area of (very frustrating) and it is the same with the local nurserys - I refuse to send Lily to a sub-standard school just for the sake of distance so if it comes to it and we are still in this area and the ofsted results are no better then we will consider home-schooling.

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