At what age are you supposed to stop using bottles and change to sippy cups/beakers for their milk? I guess the need to change is to protect their teeth.

Thomas has 6, nearly 8 teeth and wondered if I should think about replacing his TT bottles with beakers?

Anyone swapped yet?



  • ive got tommee tippe beaker and a new '360' beaker that he uses for juice but he still has TT bottles for his milk as he only has milk when he is put down for a nap. I cant imagine him feeding himself with a beaker in his cot without spilling it everywhere lol
  • Thomas still has his milk in his bottles, the only thing he has in a beaker is water, not really planning on doing away with his bottles until he's one. x
  • We're still using bottles for milk and a beaker for water, although he very rarely has more than an ounce of that a day!

    I was thinking that I might try to change his afternoon bottle into a cup when he's about 10 months. At the minute, I'm trying to get him to take water better and don't want him to think that every time he gets a beaker, there's going to be milk in it.

    So many things to think about xx
  • I've been offering Toby water in a cup/beaker at mealtimes since we started weaning and he's only just recently started to actually drink anything, and even then he hardly has any. He loves holding the cup and chewing on it though!

    He only has 2 bottles a day as I BF in the morning and evening so I have no plans to swap to beakers for milk until I stop BFing completely, prob when he's about 1.
  • Good idea about the milk in a cup to avoid confusion. His afternoon bottle has become less these last days so maybe a good time to introduce a cup to replace this as he's drinking about 3oz at minute xx
  • I've been thinking about this too.
    Eddison loves a beaker and drinks about 2 beakers of water a day! He still has milk in a bottle though, his gums are so sore with teething that I think it's a comfort thing. I'm going to switch to daytime beakers soon but I'll probably keep bedtime bottle until 1ish.

    Liz x
  • My kids all gave up their bottles before they were one ,but with this one i d like her to hang on a bit longer,sometimes when a child is not well and not eating ,thats when a bottle will be handy
  • Ethan has 3 bottles of milk a day, and about 2 cups of juice or water.

    I believe with my eldest he stopped a bottle at about 12-15 months and we used a beaker non drip. He had one for milk and one for juice so he still knew the differenc.

    Ps Ethan is 9.5 months and we still have no teeth!! image
  • lizzie has 2 bottles of milk a day and we put 5oz of water in her sippy cup in the morning and she uses that all day. she normally drinks 2-3oz in 24 hrs x
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