Hi girls. Well as the title suggests grant has been cruising of the past few days! It's so cute watching him stumble to whatever I'm dangling at the other side of the couch. Not long till walking!

Has anyone bought cruise shoes? I don't think I'm going to bother untill he's comfortable on his feet. My friend worked for Clarks and said that sometimes shoes stop children from trying to walk, whereas it helps others who walk on their tip toes as the sole weighs them down and realligns their feet.

What do you think? X


  • my monkey walks the same with or without his cruising shoes. he has been crusing for a couple of months and runs from one side of the room to the other with his walker. started standing on his own too this last week, tried to step to me the oher day but got excited and jumped lol
    i put my lil guys shoes on every now and again but he doesnt wear them all the time
  • lizzie started cruising not long after crawling and as she is now at mymums whilst im at work and they have wooden floors my mum brought her some cruising shoes from clarks (wiuth me there) so she doesnt slip on the floor. lizzie would prefer to have me walk round holding her hands all day!!
  • Thomas is cruising with the furniture and then just let's himself fall on his bum which he thinks is funny! hven't bought any proper shoes as yet, waiting til he's walking properly. x
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