Sleeping bags

Thomas is still in a 1tog sleeping bag, which is what's recommended for his room temp, but his little hands are cold in the morning, this is another reason why he may have had a restless night last night, the temp drops in the night so I maybe should be putting a 2-2.5 tog on him instead, Anyone started putting a vest on under their pj's again? it's gone so cold the last couple of days! x


  • my DS's room is 20 when he goes to bed but only 17 in the morning so he has been in long sleeved baby grow, 1tog sleeping bag and he has a blanket which is tucked in tightly to keep him in one spot, this morning he seemed a little chilly so i am swapping to the 2.5tog sleeping bag tonight as its meant to be another nippy one!
    hth x
  • Hi,

    My little man is in a sleepsuit and a 2.5 tog bag. His room tonight is 19.5 and his little hands were on the cold side when I went to him this morning too but will keep him as he is x
  • Hiya - i recently changed to 2.5tog when she woke loads through coldness I think. She is only in long sleeve vest in this though (she can;t stand having her feet in the bodysuits !!) Am currently looking for pyjamas....!! S XX
  • lizzie is in a long sleeved sleepsuit and a 1 tog sleeping bag. i will pop a vest on her when it gets a bit colder.
    you acn get pj's in mothercare btw. they do boys and girls and are definatly in 9-12 months as we have looked to get Lizzie some as her sleepsuits are too long ion the leg for her in 6-9 months but too small in 3-6 months and she trips on the when cruising in 6-9 months so thought pj's might be better x
  • We're currently in a 2.5 tog bag with either pj's or babygrow. I will be buying a 2.5 tog bag with arms as Ethan does get cold quick.

    They are selling pj's in Asda for ??????4 for a set of 2. we got 9-12 as i like them bigger but they did have smaller sizes to.
  • mason in 2.5 tog and sleepsuit at mo - room changing between 20-17 and even then it feels cold!!!

    i was thinking the sleeping bag may be bugging him and distruptiong sleep - saw these fleecey sleepsuits that are bigger enough to put over normal sleepsuit or pjs etc was thinking may try...

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