Update on feeding and napping

Just wondering how everyones lo s r doing with their food scheduals,Mine is as follows(lo s teething at moment thats why she s up more at night
2 am breast feed
6 am breast feed back to sleep
7 am up and awake
8 am half a weetabix and boiled mashed egg( doesnt eat all this very happily)
10 breast fed to sleep
1130 wakes
1230 1 jar aprox stage 1 jar of home made food
half a jar of stage 1 dessert finishes by 1
230 Breastfed to sleep
430 wakes
530 1 jar aprox of stage 1 home made food
half of farley rusk with milk
730 4 to 5 oz milk and breastfed to sleep by about 8 ish
wakes 11 pm 12 pm and 2 and then 6 but only give 2 night feeds (trying to reduce)
Now i am trying hard to get baby to nap after 3 hours of waking and in this short time i only wait i hour after she wakes and then give her food. She doesnt eat that much and tends to struggle half way,and then i have to sing to her to get the rest into her,do you think i should wait a bit longer until she is reallyt hungry, but then it will be nearly her sleep time again and she wont be hungry enough for a breast feed to go to sleep,If i dont breastfeed her she willbe up for hours(i dont want that)Help what am i doing wrong


  • hiya hun just to check how old ur lo is? if she's 9 months then i think maybe her food isnt thick enoughtry the next stage which is more lumpy, my lo is 9 months and is on stage 3 his routine is
    7:30 wake up
    8am 1 bottle of 7oz milk with a whole weetabix(made with some of his milk from bottle)
    has juice and either biscut or fruit or organix carott puffs as a snack
    11am sleep
    12:30ish lunch-1 jar of stage 3 or homenade to the same amount and 1 fromage frais with juice
    2pmish snack
    3pm sleep for an hr
    5pm dinner same as lunch
    6:30pm bath
    7:30pm 7oz bottle- bed
    he has juice thu out the day
    hope that kinda helps
  • Yes, it may well be the food, I agree with April. My LO is also 9 months old now (DOB 05/12) and she has a lot of lumps in her food. Typical day goes:

    7.00 Wake up and BF
    8.00 Breakfast - couple of slices of melon, porridge or weetabix or toast
    Mid morning - BF or bottle if I'm at work and a sleep. Sometimes a snack - piece of toast, organiz puffs, biscuit, fruit or similar
    12.30 Lunch - today it was fish and cheese sauce with veggies, but not sure what she had for pudding. She was at CMs and DH packed her bag
    3.00 (ish) BF or bottle when I'm at work and a sleep. Again she sometimes has a snack. Today it was a jaffa cake as the other children at CMs were having one and she doesn't like to be left out!
    5.30 Dinner. Usually whatever we're having, but tonight she had one of 'her' meals as I only picked her up just after 5. So she had minced beef with carrots and celery, a few slices of avocado, two slices of melon and a fromage frais - strange mixture I know. She ate everything but the fromage frais with her fingers. (We batch cook a few meals like cottage pie, lasagne etc and keep them in the freezer for when we're pushed for time).
    7.30 BF and bed.

    Her evening routine was a bit out today as she hadn't slept in the morning. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and had a BF when she woke up, so dinner was later at about 6ish and she went to bed at about 8. It doesn't really make a difference though, we'll still hear her just before 7 in the morning - creature of habit image
  • yes xxaprilxx my lo will turn 9 mnths on the 29 th
    she 19 lb and is quite tall for her age ,she is in the 75th centile, The homemade food i make is lumpier, but she isnt an excited ,focussed eater and with lumpy food takes ages and often gags on it about to make herself sick. She doesnt like weetabix at the moment ,does anyone put anything in it to make it taste nicer, shall i try a tiny bit of sugar?I am gona try hard to cut down the night feeding tonight and maybe she might be more excited to see breakfast. Does anyone else breastfeeding have the same problem? When at night shall i allow her to have a feed in order for her to be acceptably hungry without me being mean
  • hiya hun, i wouldnt put sugar in the weetabix at this age, maybe try baby porridge which is alittle sweeter or try adding mashed fruit to weetabix to make it naturally sweet, the only thing i can think of luv is the food, because the milk obv isnt enough or she wouldnt be feeding as much so it needs to be thicker, if she wont take lumps at the mo then try adding alittle mash or baby rice to make the texture thicker and and not so soft, then once she's used to that start adding lumps little by little, once she's on thicker lumpier food she will start sleeping longer hun, my harry takes about 30 mins to eat his dinner and sometimes if its alittle too lumpy he will cough but i keep trying with him and sometimes i do dreamfeed him at around 11pm and he'll take anything from 3oz to 7oz, its all trial and error hun just gotta find what works,
    i hope that doesnt sound too patronising if it did then im sorry i didnt mean to be, i hope it helps, ive been thu all this with my first and im about to have my 3rd eek(yes im mad lol) just email me if you need anymore help.
  • Hiya April sorry been busy but guess what my sara
    slept from 10 pm to 6 am had a breastfeed and slept til 830 am ! i cant beleive it ! I have been waiting for this for such a long time , ihope from now on she doesnt look back,pls everyone fingers crossed ,and no i dont mind ur comments you are very helpful indeed thanks
  • wow thats fab - so now you know she can do it - mason is now 10months this week and although doesnt wake for feed i wakes loads and when he wakes he refusses to go back to sleep so im dreamoing of the day he starts sleeping im turning into a sleep deprived grumpy mummy - not good!!!
    did you change the food texture/amount???

    mason has feed between 5am and 6.30am
    8am breakfast (creamy baby porridge, yogurt and toast)
    9.30/10am attempt to gte him to nap 10mins max if does
    12pm lunch - jar stage 2 (although has had stage 3 as teething and got cold stuck to 2 for now but found the cow & gate 2 are more thicker than heins or hipp) dairlee cheese strips, pieces of ham, chedder cracker, rice cakes etc - he will eat these to keep him in highcahoir longer whilst toddler eating..pud jar offered but not always wanting it
    has water in beaker
    2pm attempt to get him to nap again 40mins max as he always wakes!
    3ish bottle (he refusses this at childminders or my mums but will have it at home) when at CM has drink and biscuit with other kids
    5ish dinner - jar or something i made spag bol, chilli, sav mince etc.. (only got 2 teeth so been trying to think of other things also i think oh he will eat that go to effort of soing it and then he screams so end up filling him up with jar or toast or something)
    7pm in bath with brother
    7.20 bottle on sofa (his room is downstairs and bathroom - keep thinking may go off better if feed in his room and attempt to put down awake - at mo falls asleep on me then i lay down)
    he then can and has slept till 5/5.30 but on very rare occasion since been born this may of been about 6 nights... then if he wakes i tried everything not to feed but did try other night and it made no difference still wouldnt go back to sleep!!!

  • Hi sadly yesterday she didnt sleep all night,
    I put her to sleep at 10 pm ( late,am trying earlier)
    she woke at 1245 i ignored her and she went back to sleep,but then she woke again at 2 and really wanted to have a feed so i b fed her, she slept till 5 had a b feed and slept till 7,iv got creamy porridge wich she s better with , i made 3 oz water of it and then at 10 she had milk nap at 11 til 1230
    dinner 130 . Now she really doesnt like lumy food and coughs it up and then gets into this mad spitting mode wich i have to start singing to distract her from ,its such a palava trying to get her to finish,i dont think she s ready for lumpy food yet ,although she has bits of cheese ,toast ets ,i think she dousnt like lumpy food from spoons but doesnt mind some finger foods, i think she might hav slept that night because of the heating. I need to relace batteries in the temp control in the hallway to enable heating to stay at right temp through night ,it could also be that i didnt let her nap that long in the afternoon that day,or that evening i only gave her a small portion of savoury but i whole farley rusk w milk , i hope tonight a better night
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