Bad night sleep!

Don't know what's going on, think it may be his teeth, but he woke loads between midnight and 6am, normally he's pretty good. Anyone else's LO's had a change in their sleeping habits? x


  • my boy did the other night, have been giving him a spoon of calpol for his teeth and cold before bed lately but ran out the other night and he was up every 2/3 hours all night, went back off soon after but was not himself. Usually wakes only once or twice in the night.
    Have you been giving him anything for teeth before bed? x
  • Hi, we gave him calpol last night and he woke up more than usual, have used bonjela before bed aswell. x
  • Hi lo wakes up alot during the night every few months and if I think back on it, there has been a definate pattern to when he has learned something new or been eating like a horse! He seems to be affected by growth spurts and developmental spurts which wake him up loads. His teeth also wake him up but I can determine if it's teething by giving him calpol as he'll go to sleep once that's given but if it's developmental nothing will stop him waking iyswim. It may be he's learnt a new skill and his little brain is in overdrive?
  • Much better night last night ladies with an extra bonus on NO DUMMY! only had to sush him once at 10pm and then didn't wake until 6ish! looks like progress with dummy at least, also had his morning nap without it. x
  • Oh wow you are doing so well with sleeping at the mo!! Very jealous!! Well done you image
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